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The three ‘L’s of Optical Summer Placement Success

As a second year optical student, the summer provides the opportunity to secure a summer placement; working in an optical practice gaining more of the ‘hand’s on’ experience you need to succeed as a great optical professional.

Are you advertising your Registered Manager job at the right salary?

Following the launch of our salary survey at the beginning of the year, here at Prospect Health we’ve been keeping a close eye on the advertised salaries for Registered Managers.

**Audiology Graduate News** - Networking - Top Tips from Saira Hussain, Teaching Fellow of HEA at Aston Uni

Saira Hussain is the HEA Teaching Fellow at Aston University and has shared her top tips on networking for Audiology graduates and newly qualified Audiologists with Prospect Health.  

Confessions of a newly qualified vet - CPD: What is it all about and where can I find it?

Our newly qualified vet shares ideas and inspiration for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - where as a new vet you can gain points for CPD and the benefits of being part of a corporate graduate scheme... 

Keeping Your Optical Patients Happy

A busy diary, emergency patients and a manager constantly mentioning conversion rates at you. The daily life within an optometry job has its perils. Despite this, you need to remember that you are there for the patient and a happy patient is one that will trust you and return to you in the future.

Succeeding in your optometry practice role whilst still a student

Francesca Marchetti is the Councilor for the Association of Optometrists, as well as an experienced Clinical Liaison Lead at Midland Eye in Solihull.

**GP Job News** Prospect Health's GP Salary and Workplace Survey 2019 - What do GPs value most at work?

GPs value their colleagues over their working environment and workload – why are GP Practice colleagues so valuable?

Taking the leap into first opinion practice

 The jump (or should I say gargantuan leap) from university life into your first veterinary job is an absolutely terrifying, but also an incredibly exciting prospect. It's one others can do very little to help you prepare for and it is a different experience for absolutely every new graduate vet out there. It would be stupid for me to try and write a blog post with a list of advice on how to settle seamlessly into practice; every experience is different and there's no 'one piece fits all' advice that I can share. What I will do however is share with you my experiences and the tips and tricks that have helped me settle into practice life. Hopefully that way you'll have an insight into the difficulties I have faced and what I have done to overcome them.

**GP JOB NEWS** Commissioning GP roles - skills you need and how to get involved

What is commissioning and how can I help in my GP job?

Top 5 Reasons to Recruit Before Christmas

Contrary to popular belief now is the time to start your recruitment campaign. As recruiters we are aware of the stigma around the festive period but in our experience, for those clients who have bucked the trend and started their recruitment pre-Christmas, the results are impressive.