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3 simple tips to improve your employability for your dream job

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Whether or not you’re actively looking for a new job, you are bound to have thought about where you’d like to end up in your career. People in Care Home Manager jobs, just like those in any other profession, are sure to have an idea of what motivates them and what they’d like to achieve.

But often, this is far easier said than done; it’s not always possible to get experience in relevant areas or to find the opportunities that will enhance the desired skills.

So how can you improve your employability, and therefore your chances, for when your dream job comes along? Here are three simple tips to broaden your horizons. All examples refer to Care home Manager jobs, but could easily be applied to other careers.


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  1. Surround yourself with high achievers in your field

Spending time with people who’ve enjoyed success and/or influence in your line of work will help inform your opinions and could elevate your thinking. This process is what pop superstar Madonna attributes her 30-plus years of success to, saying “[One should] always aim to be the stupidest person in the room, so that there’s always somebody who you’re looking up to; someone who's inspiring you and teaching you.”

Find opportunities to surround yourself with these figures – sign up for workshops or conferences where applicable, join a professional group of follow thought leaders on LinkedIn or even Twitter.

Engaging with these people (fairly) regularly can really help not only with your outlook, but also your employability. It’s possible that you’ll be in a great position should a vacancy with any of these people arise, as you’ll have already demonstrated your enthusiasm and passion.


  1. Dedicate time to improving skill(s)

If you can prove that you have a very strong skill amongst all of your Care Home Manager jobs, you could make yourself a must-have for a new company if and when you move on. Invest time into becoming fantastic at something you’re already good at – so for example this could be dealing with CQC inspections, including all of the admin and regulations, successfully.

Once you’ve identified the skill you want to hone, dedicate 15 minutes a day to it in addition to putting it into practice at work whenever appropriate or possible. You’ll soon find you have your secret weapon for your career.


  1. Develop/maintain an online presence

More managers than ever will Google the names of their applicants, and when they do this and discover the contributions you’ve been making to the field of Care Home Manager jobs, your employability is sure to increase there and then.

There are several ways to do this. You could post articles on LinkedIn, or another site that’s relevant to your profession. You could also write guest posts for respected industry publications, or even create your own website and/or blog. These will all help you to be found easily online, and to leave a great impression on the person who searched for you.


These tips will involve some effort on your part, but can all greatly improve your chances of success when you come to make the next step in your career. To speak to us about the possible opportunities for you, please click on the button below or CONTACT US.


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