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5 things a new Vet Job can do for your life

 |  Veterinary Resources

I have watched many people go through bad experiences in their jobs and the effects it can have on you can be catastrophic. You probably spend at least 30% of your valuable time each week in your place of work so it’s no wonder that finding a new job can often mean finding a new you.   We explore how finding a new Vet Job can literally change your life for the better.

1. Time

Often you will choose a new vet job will be closer to the place you live and meaning you spend less time commuting. If you’re happier in your job you will want to spend the time there and not resent the time you are spending in your workplace feeling undervalued and maybe over worked

2. Passion

A new vet job can inject passion into your working life and fill your with a feeling you have not had for a very long time.  The buzz you will get out of starting a new job and embarking on a new challenge is really second to none.

3. Variety of work

A new vet job will often offer you more varied work, if you want to explore new specialities or learn from a more experienced practitioner and there are no options on your own practice the only way to get this experience is to move jobs!

4. Money!

Often moving to a new job means you can relook at your salary and ask for more money.  Using a recruitment consultants like prospect-health also increases your chance of earning even more money as we would negotiate your package on your behalf.

5. Your Package

As well as renegotiating your salary, your whole package can be renegotiated, including private healthcare, days you work, out of hours & weekend working commitment,  CPD allowance and professional funding.

In short, finding a new Vet job can really change your quality of life.

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