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5 Top Tips for the first day in your new Vet Job

 |  Veterinary News

This is probably going to be the most nerve-wracking day of your life, staring your first job as a Veterinary surgeon, the moment you have been training for for the last 5 years!

Katie Morton shares her 5 top tips for your first day in the job……

Your first day

  • Choose your attitude, it’s very important to believe in yourself and throw yourself in at the deep end or you will never do it!
  • You have been at vet school 5 years so you do know something
    Accept you’re the baby of the practice
  • Accept you need to do the routine stuff to learn
  • Time management is key, the first 3 weeks will be a haze of appointments running longer than expected as you are worried that you will miss something but you soon get into the swing of things
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