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5 top tips to polish your social media profile – and find that dream job

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Social media is playing an increasingly large role in our online lives – and this is no different when it comes to job hunting and recruitment. More than ever, potential employers will look at applicants’ social media profiles to narrow down their list of candidates to interview.

With this in mind, if you’re searching for care home manager jobs, or any other new job, then it’s important to make sure your pages are primed for selling your skill set to hiring managers. Here we’ve listed our five top tips to ensure your social media profiles will help – and crucially, not hinder – you in finding your dream job.


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  1. Make sure your profile information is full, complete and up to date. This may seem simple, but it’s amazing how few people have a profile that accurately represents their current situation. If you’re using LinkedIn, you should have your work experience and skills filled in. Similarly, you should get recommendations if you can. On Twitter, you should put your job pitch in your biography, and ensure your contact information is correct. This is also true of Facebook; many people still have their university city or hometown as their current address, when they may not have lived in either place for several years.


  1. Project the image of yourself that you want employers to see. Whilst you are free to use social media as you choose, if you are expecting employers to look at your pages then it’s best to remove anything that you would rather they didn’t know about. Drunken pictures or politically dubious posts are unlikely to make a good first impression – and can easily be removed or avoided to aid you in your job search.


  1. Follow companies that you’re interested in, and don’t be afraid to engage with them. If they post content that you have an opinion on, then make a point of commenting on it or sharing it. Taking an active interest in the company and their news / subject matter will only reflect well on you.


  1. Be known as a resource. This is especially relevant on LinkedIn, but also on Twitter and Facebook as well. If you can answer other users’ questions on care home manager jobs or the wider industry you work in, then you will really look as though you have something special to offer a potential employer. This will also be true if you link to divisive or provocative relevant content to your field of work.


  1. Make you have relevant keywords on your LinkedIn profile. Whether you’re looking for optometrist jobs or care home manager vacancies, then make sure the professional term appears in different sections across your page. LinkedIn is still the strongest social media platform for recruitment, and you are more likely to show up in an employer’s search if your profile reflects what they are looking for. You will also increase your chances of appearing in a search if you make sure you’re connected with everyone you’ve done business with. This is perhaps especially important for newly qualified graduates, but is still very relevant to those with years of experience.


Finally, this goes almost without saying, but make sure your spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct, as there is little more off-putting to a potential employer.

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