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5 top tips to support newly-hired managers

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When recruiting and hiring a new manager for your care service, the week before and the first few weeks in your organisation are the most important time to ensure your new recruit becomes an effective and intrinsic part of your team.  Samuel Barrington, the Chief Executive of Care Improvement Associates has over 23 years of care, quality and compliance experience. He understands the importance of recruiting the right manager for your service and making sure they are set up well from day one in your organisation.

  1. Even before the manager starts their first day with you, there are key things which you can do to ensure a welcoming and smooth introduction into your workplace. The simplest of things can make a huge difference on the day or prior to the first day as an introduction or induction to the workplace.
    1. Have they got their ID?
    2. Have you set up their work email and password?
    3. Have they got access to all the IT that they will need to do their job and help them to get orientated to systems?
    4. Will there be somebody there on time to greet them on their first day?

These simple and basic things are often forgotten, unorganised and left until the last minute. However, if you implement the above points prior to their arrival it will make your new manager feel part of the team straight away.


  1. Show new managers from day one (and even in your job advertisement and at interview) that you promote opportunities to develop. You will attract better managers who are keen to develop and you will grow your managers if they’re given the opportunity to try new things including learning and growing professionally as well as personally. Make sure your new manager knows that this is a culture you are inviting them into and that they need to stick to it. Make it part of the manager’s induction and explore what opportunities they may be interested in to grow.


  1. Provide leadership to new managers. Even leaders need leadership and support. Talk, train and integrate leadership into all elements of the care organisation and ensure that managers have role models. All too often, managers in care services do not have senior levels of support who understand the pressures or their role. Ensure that the manager is aware of the supervision policy and how this is structured so they know they will be supported formally and informally from day 1.


  1. Creativity is key to any successful manager, leader or care organisation. Promote that you are an organisation that is open to new ideas, creativity and innovation, especially visions that may improve the organisation, business model and the wellbeing of staff or most importantly in the care sector and the individuals that use the service they manage.


  1. Ensure that your new manager knows that you and your organisation are passionate and committed to people, building and growing relationships, that you are an organisation that is value driven, caring and committed to these values and the mission of the organisation. Nobody wants to start working in a new organisation as a manager in the care sector and only ever hear about P&L, bottom lines and projected financial growth. Every care sector organisation needs to be business savvy of course, but it should not be the only driver or culture in a board room, or this feeds down to the manager and their team. Values are built from the top down and should be focused on quality. Ensure your manager is aware of what your values are.


A good registered manager is key to your care service and on-boarding and communication are all important if they are going to succeed.

The Care Improvement Associates group can help your manager and your service achieve “Outstanding Care Quality”.  If you’re interested in finding out more about how they can help you Contact Them now.

If you’re looking for a new registered manager for your care service, Prospect Health are no ordinary recruitment agency.  We will…

  • Fully understand the specific requirements of your service by spending time with you to conduct a full review of your needs
  • Save you time by sifting through applications and CVs on your behalf presenting you with the most qualified candidates for your role
  • Advise on interview preparation, making the job offer, package negotiation and the all-important on boarding, ensuring you not only find the right candidate but they settle into your organisation


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