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5 ways a high-performing individual can change your business


No matter what technology you may have to hand, it’s always the people that make the workplace. This is true whether you’re looking at GP, optical, veterinary or care home manager jobs – hire the right individuals and you should see fantastic results. Here we take a look at five of the ways that some of the best candidates can change the business they’re in.

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  1. They can take the pressure of other areas of the business. After an expansion, Care Home owner Frances Meehan was being overwhelmed with her growing number of duties. She was regularly doing the care home manager jobs, but realised this couldn’t continue. By recruiting Karen Garner – described by Frances as “a breath of fresh air, hardworking, and really committed” – the home has gone from strength to strength; Karen has implemented a new structure, and Frances has enjoyed her first holiday in years!


  1. They can bring unique skills that were previously lacking from the team. Hiring an Advanced Nurse Practitioner made a real difference to the Craven Road Medical Practice, according to Business Manager Lisa Boardman. “The wider team benefits [from our ANP] as she broadens the depth of services we can provide” she says. The ANP now runs our urgent/same day/open surgeries, allowing the GPs to focus on booked consultations and complex consultations.”


  1. They can look to improve existing processes proactively. When Kevin Orembo was recruited as a vet at Blacks Veterinary Hospital, he was impressed with the facilities but felt there was some room to improve his working practices. He says, “As the hospital vet I rely on feedback, so I have ensured that feedback is not only accurate, but regular. We have managed to modify our pre-medication protocols, ensuring our requirements are met throughout.” His manager Simon Gubbins is really impressed, saying “Kevin not only filled the role; he seems to take on things to a higher level – we definitely think the practice has improved since Kevin joined the team”.


  1. They help to create a more positive atmosphere.  As these high-performing individuals are happy with their situation and enthusiastic about making changes, they tend to inspire the team around them too. When Karen Garner took over the care home manager jobs from Frances, some of the staff around her were anxious that they couldn’t keep on top of their paperwork. But as care home owner Frances says “Karen introduced improved inductions and training, and the staff are more confident. Our retention rate has improved, as they now feel more supported than before”.


  1. They can hold, develop and nurture client relationships. The atmosphere around an enthusiastic and engaging colleague is undeniable. This can be invaluable, whether in a care home, veterinary surgery or GP practice for helping patients to get the most from their experience.  


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