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Top 5 Reasons to Recruit Before Christmas 2019

Top 10 Tips to Recruit a Registered Manager for your Care Service

Interim Manager Recruitment - How can an Interim Manager add value to your Care Service?

The three ‘L’s of Optical Summer Placement Success

Are you advertising your Registered Manager job at the right salary?

**Audiology Graduate News** - Networking - Top Tips from Saira Hussain, Teaching Fellow of HEA at Aston Uni

Confessions of a newly qualified vet - CPD: What is it all about and where can I find it?

Keeping Your Optical Patients Happy

Succeeding in your optometry practice role whilst still a student

**GP Job News** Prospect Health's GP Salary and Workplace Survey 2019 - What do GPs value most at work?

Taking the leap into first opinion practice

**GP JOB NEWS** Commissioning GP roles - skills you need and how to get involved

Unravelling rotations by Dogtor Smith

**GP Job News** Developing a GP Portfolio Career – Striking the balance

Communicating Effectively When Communication Is Difficult

How to structure your CV for your Pre-Reg Job

How to Format your Cover Letter for your dream Pre-Reg Placement

Managing stress for you and others as a newly qualified Audiologist

How to get the most out of your EMS Placement by Dogtor Smith

5 top tips to support newly-hired managers

Enhancing Your Optometry Studies

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet: The Euthanasia Consult

Starting life as an Audiology student? Year 1 - what to expect by Teaching Fellow of HEA, Saira Hussain, Aston University

Promoting Your Profession

Do you have the transferable skills needed to secure your perfect Optical Role?

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet... "What I’ve learnt after 12 months in practice"

I Wish I Knew That When I qualified…

Going that Extra Mile

The Scientist Training Programme – An Audiology Perspective - Saira Hussain, Teaching Fellow of HEA at Aston University shares her thoughts on becoming a Clinical Scientist in Audiology

Top Tips to Finding the Pre-Registration Placement that is Right for You

Working as an Audiologist at Specsavers – offering the best after-care service on the high street and a bright career path for talented Audiology graduates

Managing stress for you and others as a newly qualified GP

Do you have the transferable skills needed to secure your perfect Veterinary Role?

Networking Tips for the Social Optometrist

Are you debating starting your career as a locum audiologist?

Advice for the Audiology undergraduate… from Saira Hussain, Audiology Teaching Fellow at Aston University

Finding the Right First Veterinary Job: Things you may want to ask about

Career Options in Audiology… from Saira Hussain, Audiology Teaching Fellow at Aston University

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet: Six Months in…

IVIS Website – a great resource, full of useful veterinary resources from around the world

Providing Quality Customer Service by experienced optometrist Jason Searle

Newly qualified Audiologist Looking for a New Job? Chain or Independent?

Managing your workload as a newly qualified GP – avoid burnout and maintain a work/life balance

Top 10 Tips for your first appraisal after qualifying

5 Top Tips for completing your ePortfolio

GP Training Practice – how to get your practice ready and what you need from your GP Trainer

**GP Registrar Exclusive**                          MRCGP Examinations - Key dates for 2019 and confidence boosting tips from Prospect Health's friendly GP Team

Be Mindful…of You!

A Vet Student Abroad – arriving in Oslo and the first week of ski-ing, gløgg and thorough clinical exams!

What are employers looking for from a newly qualified optometrist?

Top 5 Tips - Using your CPD to help you excel in your interview as a newly qualified GP

Chain or Independent?

Recognising Triggers and Learning to Cope with Stress as a Newly Qualified Vet

What are employers looking for from a pre-registered optometrist?

Experienced advisors, and why you should listen to them – Top tips from top optometrist Jason Searle for newly qualified and pre-reg optometrists

Private practice or NHS – which should you choose as a newly qualified audiologist?

Bayfields – Another successful year!

CET Points and Training Tips – start the New Year with your training plan in place! Advice from experienced optometrist Jason Searle, especially helpful if you’re a newly qualified optometrist!

Top 5 reasons why someone would leave you practice

Confessions of A New Graduate Vet: Three Months Into My First Vet Job

Preventive Optometry, Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk- and How to Apply This to Your Optical Role

Newly qualified optometrist? Thinking of specialising?... Geriatric optometry in the UK- an increasing need by Dr Doina Gherghel

Prospect Health nominated for Employer of the Year!

10 Tips for Final Year Vet Students by recently graduated Heather Birrell

Part two of experienced optometrist Jason Searle's 'The Art of Prescribing'

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet: My first month in my first Vet Job

For optometrists and audiologists moving from the NHS to private practice – what are the common benefits?

When is the best time to recruit for your team?... NOW!

Here to help you make that move!

The Art of Prescribing by experienced optometrist Jason Searle

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet: Week One of my First Vet Job...

Top 5 Reasons to move to Australia

Locum or be employed as a newly qualified optometrist? Independent Optometrist Jason Searle discusses the pros and cons...

Prospect Health and Cat the Vet - How to succeed as a newly qualified vet

Questions to ask at your veterinary new grad job interview by Sarah Davies

Top Tips on Delivering Bad News

Optical career advice - Preparing for OSCE's - advice for pre-reg Optometrists

5 Tips to Prepare for a Veterinary Job Interview

Newly registered GP? Wondering how to take the next step and land the dream GP job?

How Prospect Health found the perfect GP Job for newly qualified GP Marwa Al-Seaidy

GP Registrar, Stephen Foulks, finds his first GP job with Prospect Health

Independent Optometrist Jason Searle shares his Top Tips for the Optical OSCEs - great advice if you're a pre-reg optom heading to your OSCE exam

Social Media and Optometry. How can it enhance your Optical Job?  By Jason Searle

A Case Study showing how Prospect Health can help you fill your GP job or find a new GP job for yourself successfully

Top tips to lower test times in your Optical Job by Jason Searle

Graduate Vet Jobs - Common Interview Questions by Emma Reilly

Creating an effective CV as a newly qualified Audiologist

The 6 Steps To Landing Your Dream Veterinary Job

Top Tips for Lowering Test Times in your Optical Job (Part 1)

Ten Tips to Help with your Veterinary Placement (and Veterinary Job!)

An Optometrist's Job - What do they really do?

Consultant of the Month  - Phoebe Towers

Life as a Vet Student Volunteer in India - Preparing yourself for your first Vet Job by Emma Reilly

Jason's 7 Tips for Testing Children in your first Optical job

Sarah’s 5 top tips for your first week in a new Graduate Vet Job:

A Vet Student’s Guide to Surviving a Week of Night Shifts

5 easy steps to building client rapport in your Pre-reg Optometrist job by Maryum Mahmood

Dreamed of being a Vet but the reality in the job is different?

The power of a "Thank You" in the workplace

5 things a new Vet Job can do for your life

Optometrist Jobs in Norfolk, what's the attraction?

Kirsty Holt Finds a Graduate Vet Job with Prospect Health

Luke Shearstone - Consultant of the month!

How to prepare and perform in your assessments by Mariam Bhojani

What makes a good Mentor/Supervisor for your Optical job and Pre-Registration year? By Maryum Mahmood

Angelica shares her thoughts about what she expected in her pre-reg year.......

What do prospective employers look for in a Vet?  The top 3 things you need to think about when applying for a Vet Job as a graduate.

5 Top Video Interview Tips. The secrets behind acing that video interview

5 ways to prepare yourself for a Monday morning in your new Vet Job

5 ways to impress in your first week in your new job

The 3 biggest issues facing the NHS after Brexit

The 5 Key Skills of a good Graduate Vet Mentor

Stressed? Remember why vet school was the best time of your life.

What 5 key attributes does an employer look for in a good Optometrist?

Top 5 worries when starting your optical pre-reg - advice and support for optical students from newly qualified optometrist Maryum

Consultant of the Month - Chris Hastings

5 Quick Linked In Tips

GP Social Media Round Up  July 2016

5 Top Tips for the first day in your new Vet Job

Top 10 Tips for Clinical EMS

How thinking about Pharmacy recruitment differently can have a positive effect on your business

What is stopping the NHS system growing the medical leaders of the future?

What to expect and the benefits of doing a veterinary Certificate - experienced vet Katie Williams shares all...

Consultant of the Month - Will Bale

How to survive Large Animal ICU in Final Year by Charlotte Bentley

Useful insights for pre-reg optical students - helpful hints if you are about to start your optical pre-reg

How Prospect Health can help fill your GP vacancy – a Case Study.

Rabiya’s journey as a newly qualified Audiologist with Prospect Health

3 simple ways to improve your hiring process

How to Survice Small Animal ICU

In or Out of the EU?  What’s best for GPs, the NHS and how will you vote?

From a GP’s perspective, how can your career and parenthood be balanced?

Telephone interview mistakes to avoid

How to succeed in strength-based interviews

5 career mistakes to avoid

5 easy techniques to help you cope with stress

7 simple ways to boost your happiness at work

Consultant of the Month: Jason

5 possible reasons why you didn’t get the last job you went for

What NOT to do on social media when looking for a job

How to confront your workplace weakness

3 simple tips to improve your employability for your dream job

Searching for jobs: the changing methods of job hunters

Independent vs multiple optical practices: poll results

Prospect Health is proud to sponsor the Malawi Project 2016

Prospect Health to run for the HELP charity

Read all about Prospect Health's managing director

How to answer “where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?”

Job problems: Are you bored, or are you unhappy?

Living in the UAE: truth and rumours

Optometrist jobs: a recruitment case study

CV Tips: The One Word You Need to Add

From a GP’s perspective, How do we retain and train GPs in the UK?

Spring clean your CV - and land that dream job

How to avoid 5 of the worst interview mistakes

5 ways to avoid the Monday Blues

Why take a doctor job in Singapore?

How to answer “what are your weaknesses?”

Pre-interview Checklist

How to answer 5 of the toughest interview questions

Why work as a GP trainer?

Consultant of the month: Anthony

How to avoid burnout

How to design effective interview questions – to hire the best candidate

SMART Goals: Achieve what you want in your career

GP jobs: Would you move abroad to practice?

SMART Goals: Achieve what you want this Easter

Consultant of the month: Paul

Work life balance: how to plan for and achieve it

5 interview tips you can’t afford to miss

Tips to make a great impact in your new job

Your end-of-year hiring checklist

Job hunting in December: what’s in it for you?

How to answer: “Tell us about yourself”

Top tips for your performance review

5 signs it’s time to leave your job

Get ahead of the pack: 5 reasons why recruiting in December will give you the boost you need

How to cope with the emotional aspects of stress

The benefits of working in rural areas

Armistice Day: Medical advances from the World Wars

National Stress Awareness Day: 5 Stress Management Holidays You Should Try

GP jobs in Qatar: find out more

Consultant of the month: Lauren

100% Optical – come and see us

5 ways to justify a pay rise

London Vet Show – Get Your Careers Guide

Recruiting GPs for your GP practice - how to secure the best talent

GP jobs in Australia: why are UK GPs applying for them?

Medical Devices: Why use our services

Medica 2015: Come and see us

How nurse practitioners can transform your working day – a case study

The London Vet Show – some fascinating talks you’ll want to see

GP jobs: How to give the perfect interview

Get your CV in top shape for the New Year

3 top tips to claim back time in your work life

Vet Grad Link at the University of Cambridge

5 ways a high-performing individual can change your business

Veterinary jobs: a case study

Stressed GPs: Is a solution on the horizon?

We are attending 100% Optical and Optrafair