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Rebecca – OIT VB (Oct)

Welcome to Rebecca our 3rd year Vlogger from Anglia Ruskin. Rebecca is loving 3rd year so far and has already seen a wide range of patients & clinics. She is currently working towards her dissertation. Rebecca offers tips and advice for both first and second year students and talks about her summer placement and the benefit of working in both Multiple & Independent practices.

Sonam – OIT VB (Oct)

Welcome back to Sonam who is now our new Pre-Registration Vlogger from Anglia Ruskin. Almost three months have gone of Pre-Reg and Sonam can’t believe how fast time is flying. Sonam talks about the good and bad parts of being in her Pre-Reg and also gives advice and tips to 1st 2nd and 3rd year students. Sonam also offers tips on preparing for your 1st and 2nd visits as well as cutting down on testing times.

10 Undeniable Reasons to Relocate to Singapore as a Healthcare Professional

The timing has never been better to join one of the most successful and expanding global healthcare hubs. There are approximately 40,000 healthcare professionals working in Singapore but to cope with the expanding population, coupled with increased life expectancies, the country needs an extra 23,000 healthcare professionals by 2030.

People Leave Managers

You are probably familiar with the saying that ‘people leave Managers, not companies’; this couldn’t be truer in relation to the Care Sector and the implications are wide reaching.

Michael - OIT VB (Oct)

Back by popular demand, todays Vlog is from Michael. Now in his Pre-Registration year, Michael is coming to terms with working full-time and also studying on an evening. His first visit has gone well and he stresses that organisation is the key. Keeping your log book up to date, your patient numbers high and regularly getting the opportunity to dispense are a must. Michael has his hospital placement coming up so we wish him well with that but for now he is enjoying his week off, catching up with friends and playing Golf! Could we be watching the next Rory Mcilroy?

Understanding Dementia

Within the next 10 years, one in three of those over 65 years of age, are expected to be living with Dementia. I live in North Yorkshire, which has an older than average population; making these figures quite staggering.

7 Top Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects a large number of the UK population and the main causes are ageing, ear infections and exposure to loud noise. A national study of hearing showed that approximately 16% of the UK population has a significant hearing loss and it can affect anyone at any age.

Why Nurses Should Work in the Private Sector

Here are the top 5 considerations as to why a Nurse should work in the private sector rather than the NHS:

Alex – OIT VB (Oct)


With an intro that looks like it has come straight out of Paramount pictures, Alex has arrived into this years’ competition all guns blazing. She will no doubt be striving to do one better than Rebecca Mathers who last year came 2nd in the competition for Aston University for her superb series of engaging Vlogs. Alex kicks off her Vlog with a great insight into what can only be described as her truly ‘unique’ character and demonstrates her flair for all things wacky Moving on Alex gives some unique insightful hints as to how to revise more effectively. Finally, we are offered some great advice into student life for both first, second and third year students as well as Alex’s own recent experiences in her third year where she can now finally start to see all her theoretical knowledge coming to life with real clinics!

Top 7 Interview Tips & Advice

1. Go into the interview with a positive mind-set “I will want to work for this employer” and “I will want to take this job”.

Vets Under Stress

How to spot the symptoms and what you can do to help yourself…

Working in a veterinary practice often involves high amounts of pressure and a common side effect of this pressure is stress. Vets have a higher risk than others to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. Stress occurs when the pressures someone face becomes beyond their ability to control. When one person may find something stressful another may find it motivating (due to the coping mechanisms each person has in place).

Optical Workers and Their Changing Expectations

Our Optical consultant Anthony Brizzolara gives you lowdown on Optical workers and their changing expectations… It would be great to understand your views on the survey too!

Kirsty & Holly – OITVB (Oct)

This week’s instalment of the Vlog project comes from Kirsty and Holly our Bradford 3rd year representatives.

The Pro’s and Con’s of the NHS vs Private Sector for Hearing Aids

There are pros and cons of buying a hearing aid privately, as there are with getting one from the NHS. The emphasis is that people are aware of the different options available to them.