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Tulsi - OIT VB (Nov)

In Novembers Vlog Tulsi gives us an insight in to her graduation day at City, a proud day for every student and their friends and family.

CQC GP Surgery Audit Nov 2014

TODAY the CQC posted a list of their recent findings of the best and worst GP surgeries in the UK... without visiting the practices they were assessing.

Optometrists in Training Video Blog

The 2014-2015 Prospect Health Sponsored Video Blog competition has now fully kicked off once again with 3rd year and Pre registration students from all the major universities in the UK who provide the Optometry course now using all their creative Blogging skills to become this year’s prize winners.

Asha – OIT VB (Nov)

Asha Chohan kicks off her first Vlog instalment representing Aston University Pre Registration year and does it with some great style! We are first welcomed by Asha to her Vlog series with a brief introduction to her and then taken on a whirlwind tour of her most recent holiday adventures in Croatia and Amsterdam. Moving swiftly on Asha tells us from her first-hand knowledge the best steps to take when preparing for your first day in practice as a Pre Reg so well worth a watch for anyone concerned about how best to prepare for such an important day in their training.

Long-Term Shift Work Ages Brain

In a 24 hour sector, this is thought provoking research for both employers and employees alike: