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Essential Guide to the Assessment Process

Our method is slightly more time intensive than many would choose but you would benefit from this investment in time and it will ultimately improve the long term growth of your business and create a solid base for an employer-employee relationship. After all “Fast hiring decisions are usually bad hiring decisions!”

Libby - OIT VB (Dec)

Libby Ainsworth kicks of her first entry as Pre Reg Vlogger for Cardiff University with great style with this visually excellent Vlog entry.

Sohini - OIT VB (Dec)

Welcome to the first instalment for Final Year from Cardiff University Vlogger Sohini Badiani! In this superb Vlog Sohini gives us a great insight into her personally and her experiences having been literally ‘thrown in the deep end’ with a variety of practical and theoretical work during the first semester.

The Cost of Bad Hiring Decisions

The biggest and perhaps most costly risk involved with a DIY approach to recruiting staff is mainly associated with hiring mistakes. The effects of hiring the wrong person can be catastrophic for your business in so many ways.

The Visible and Invisible Costs of Recruiting a Registered Care Manager

The cost of recruiting a new Registered Care Manager can be significant. However it can often get buried and overlooked in day-to-day operations. It is estimated that the visible and invisible costs of hiring can equate to up to 30% of a new employee’s basic salary. Unfortunately most businesses fail to actually see the extensive hidden costs associated with losing a valued team member. The clock starts ticking and costs start rising the minute your existing employee hands in their notice or you decide you have a need for a specific type of new employee.

Gemma - OIT VB (Dec)

Todays’ instalment of the Vlog Project comes from Gemma, our Glasgow Caledonian university 4th year representative.

Christmas – the perfect time to recruit!

If you think December is a quiet time for recruiters you would be right. People are thinking about office parties, Christmas presents and planning their large impending Christmas lunches and not necessarily thinking about their recruitment needs for the New Year!