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Rakhee - OITVB (Jan)

In her latest Vlog Rakhee gives us a great insight into her recent experiences a Pre Reg Optometrist ranging from technical insights into assessment preparation to the more simple things in life like ensuring sufficient time for rest and relaxation. Throughout her Vlog Rakhee offers some superb well-presented personal insights into how to best ensure success in what is a truly challenging year!

6 Top Tips to empower Millennials in Healthcare Jobs

The generation of employees is shifting in the workplace. By 2025 75% if the workplace will be made up of the millennial generation (Indeed Jan 2015) and to ensure consistent growth we need to consider how this generation would like to be kept happy in their healthcare jobs.

Why work as a Domiciliary Optician?

Many people in optical jobs have only ever worked in a high street practice, but an increasing number are choosing to work as domiciliary opticians. Yet why would people decide to leave the relative security of their existing optical jobs to take on a mobile role?

It appears that there are a number of reasons that those in optical jobs may want to consider. An article which recently appeared on Optician Online explained what to expect from a career as a domiciliary optician. It certainly gave us plenty to think about... 

Business Management in the Health Sector

It is becoming more apparent that medical professionals need business management skills as well as excellent clinical skills but there is rarely a focus on these subjects as part of a trainee medical professionals course and some individuals are struggling to cope with the pressures of running a business.

Choose to be a GP!

The RCGP have just launched a video aimed at trainee doctors to inspire them into choose a career in general practice.

How Care Homes Can Improve the State of Care

How Care Homes Can Support the Right Attitudes, Values and Cultures to Improve the State of Care?

Optrafair - 18-20th April 2015

Only 3 weeks to go until Optrafair! Were really excited to meet everyone, please make sure you visit us on our Stand G62!

Should Vets Be Called Doctors?

The RCVS are currently undertaking a survey to ascertain if the public and the veterinary profession would like vets to be called Dr.

Use Social Media to Help Find a Job

Use social media to help find a job – How updating your profiles and working your social contacts can land you that dream job!

Why Should I Have A Recruitment Strategy For My Health Care Organisation?

How to Write a Successful CV

5 Steps For Making Your CV Stand Out:

The General Election in May

How will things develop on the discussion over GP services in 2015?

London Vet Show 2015

After visiting and spending the day in the London Vet Show’s electric atmosphere we just had to get involved!

Top 12 Career New Year’s Resolutions You Can Turn into SMART Goals

How can you turn some of the below New Year’s resolutions into Goals using SMART guidelines…

Vets and Debt

The Veterinary profession is unfortunately synonymous with stress and mental health problems that can cause individuals to fall foul of the severe debt spiral, and on the flip side severe debt can cause mental health problems.

Why Should You Set Goals This New Year?

1. Goals can give you a target to aim for. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of the classic Psycho-Cybernetics, said that human beings have a built-in goal seeking "success mechanism" that is part of the subconscious mind.

How You Can Set Yourself Goals the “SMART” Way!


Pick up a pen and a piece of paper and jot down the goals you want to reach. Look at each goal and evaluate it. Make any changes necessary to ensure it meets the criteria for SMART goals: