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5 easy ways to manage stress in your life and at work

5 easy ways to manage stress and your work life balance

Many of our healthcare professionals in the UK are under great amounts of stress, whether it’s dealing with an inordinate amount of paperwork and an unrealistic caseload as a GP or dealing with irate clients and pets you cannot help as a Vet. Then there are the day to day family issues, money or relationship worries you have to juggle too.

6 ways to make yourself look good in an interview without even saying a word

Non-verbal communication in interviews. 6 Ways to make yourself look good without even saying a word!

In her last blog Susie Phillips-Baker spoke about potential bias in interviews and the things an employer could do to ensure they made the selection process as fair and equal as possible.

Saudi Arabia Hospital Chain Al Hammadi - recruitment drive for Consultant level Doctor jobs

Saudi Arabia Hospital group Al Hammadi are currently conducting a recruitment drive to fill numerous job roles for a new hospital they are building in Riyadh.

Gemma - OITVB (April)

In this very informative and useful Vlog Gemma talks about Final Year Projects!

Included is the importance of picking the right supervisor, why you should think carefully about the decision to do a project or dissertation, why you should get one person inside and outside of optometry to read through your work and Mock OSCE’s!

First impressions count

When applying for a job as a Care Home manager or Nurse it’s a really good idea to check out your new place of employment first.

Care Home Manager Recruitment - The Difference a Registered Manager can make: A Case Study