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“Getting the right people on your bus” – why good people are great for your business

Why We Love the Isle of Wight - great optometrist job waiting for you!

.....And if you’re an optometrist looking for a new job there is a great opportunity waiting for you!

5 things to think about before accepting a job offer as a GP, Vet, Care Home manager or Optometrist

Been offered a new Job as an Optometrist, GP, Vet, Nurse or Care Home manager?

Rakhee - OIT VB (May)

In Rakhee’ s latest Vlog she concentrates her focus on progressing through her stage one assessments and does so with her usual fantastic upbeat and informative communication style. Contained within this excellent Vlog are some superb insights into how best to prepare to meet the assessors and pass all competencies without issue so get watching!

Kirsty & Holly - OIT VB (May)

We are sad to announce this is the last instalment from Kirsty and Holly… they have been brilliant from start to finish!

Libby - OIT VB (May)

This is Libby’s second instalment of her Vlog series and it’s a five minute wonder of an entry! Visually highly entertaining with some superb informative tips advice ranging from Mock Osce courses and technological gadgets to assist communication to patients there are some truly great insights here that are well worth a thorough viewing.

Counter Offers

Graduate Vet Link – A link between newly qualified graduates and Employers

Our vet graduate website is in its final stages of development and we are hoping to launch in July 2015.

Top 5 things to look out for when reviewing references from potential employees

It is still essential to go through a future employee’s reference before you make them a job offer and qualify their credentials
Here are the top 5 things to look out for when reviewing a potential candidates references they have submitted when applying for a job role…

Traditional vs Corporate GP jobs – The Benefits and Drawbacks

A local GP practice on a village high street was once a common scene, next to the village hall, post office and local store. Many of these once smaller surgeries are now part of the corporate world. So if you’re a GP what are the benefits and drawbacks of taking a job in either a traditional and corporate surgery?