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Asha - OIT VB (July)

In Asha’s last Vlog of the series she receives an exciting Willy Wonka style golden ticket! This invite is not however to a fun filled day out at the chocolate factory but rather to the much feared final Osce examinations…

Tulsi - OIT VB (July)

Tulsi talks about preparing for stage 2’s, dos and the don’ts.

Why is a positive workplace culture so important in the care sector?

Is positivity a key driver for a great standards of care in your home and how can you drive the culture of positivity though your staff?

Top 10 Retail Tricks For Optometry Practices

After spending 15 years in the retail industry I picked up some quick tricks you could employ in your practices to increase your retail sales.

Top 3 benefits of hiring a new graduate for your business

New Graduates and soon to be qualified healthcare professionals should be an integral part of your businesses recruitment strategy.

Top 5 Job hunting tips for a graduate healthcare professionals

Starting your job hunt after University (or even while you are still at university) can be daunting.  We have pulled together 5 top tips to help you on your way.

How to retain a graduate healthcare professional in your practice

Many newly qualified healthcare professionals are eager to secure their first job straight after graduating. However, they often move roles quickly; meaning the time and money you have invested in the individual has been wasted.