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Top tips for your performance review

December is the most common month for annual reviews, and this is the same for people in medical devices jobs and across the healthcare industry. As the year draws to a close, it’s a natural time for employers to reflect on what’s been achieved over the last twelve months, and to set goals for the year ahead. But what can you do to ensure your performance review has the best outcome for you? Below we share our top tips for dealing with the process.

5 signs it’s time to leave your job

We’ve all had those days where we wish we had longer in bed, or can’t wait for home time, but how can you tell if this is a reason for changing jobs?

Get ahead of the pack: 5 reasons why recruiting in December will give you the boost you need


How to cope with the emotional aspects of stress

Most people who work in the medical profession have stressful aspects of their daily routine – and those with vet jobs are no exception. Having to deal with the problems of suffering animal patients, as well as the emotion of their anxious owners, can put vets at an increased risk of burnout.

The benefits of working in rural areas

Whilst many of us in GP jobs dream of escaping to the country, not many have necessarily given much thought to actually working there. Here we look to provide just some of the reasons why rural working might be just what you’re looking for:

Armistice Day: Medical advances from the World Wars

The sheer scale and devastation of the First World War was unmatched until the second conflict two decades later. Both of these monumental events saw human destruction at unprecedented levels – and the medical profession, especially those in doctor jobs or nurse jobs – faced an immense challenge trying to treat the increasing casualties of war.

National Stress Awareness Day: 5 Stress Management Holidays You Should Try

National Stress Awareness Day highlights the pressures that those in veterinary jobs or other medical roles can face - including both the causes and cures of the modern day stress epidemic.