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SMART Goals: Achieve what you want this Easter

Now we've arrived at the first major public holiday of 2016, you may well have decided that it’s a priority to find a new job. But even when you have realised that your current job situation needs to be addressed, it can be challenging to work out your best plan of action, whether you are looking for GP, optical or vet jobs. Identifying what needs to be done – and in what order – is not always straightforward.

Consultant of the month: Paul

Each month we take a closer look at the people who work tirelessly to secure recruitment solutions for their clients – and make Prospect Health a success. Today we hear from Paul, whose fantastic efforts in recruiting for optical jobs ensured he was named our consultant of the month. Here Paul gives us an insight into the world of optical recruitment.

Work life balance: how to plan for and achieve it

Most of us have to plan our working day to achieve particular goals – and those with medical devices jobs are no exception. But what many people in the healthcare industry overlook is how to switch off from the demands of work. This can not only make you less effective in your job, but could also affect your wellbeing and happiness.

5 interview tips you can’t afford to miss

Without the right preparation, you can crash and burn at an interview even if you think the job is made for you. As the interview experience is a well-worn recruitment method, there is a vast array of hints on how to give yourself the best chance of success. There are many tips that are pretty obvious – for example it stands to reason that you should be punctual and should make eye contact with the people you’re meeting – but here are some that many people overlook to their cost:

Tips to make a great impact in your new job

Starting a new job is almost always the best move for your career – but it can be a time that makes you nervous. Settling in to a new environment and learning to adapt to new processes can seem daunting, but it’s important to remember that these natural nervous feelings are temporary and you can banish them quickly by making an impact in your new workplace. We look at some of the best ways to do this:

Your end-of-year hiring checklist

Now December is well and truly underway, it’s often the time when budgets are finalised and companies or departments focus on their goals for the approaching year. Many of these involve making hiring decisions.

Job hunting in December: what’s in it for you?

It’s a common situation that as the year draws to a close, you’ve decided that it’s time to leave your job. But with the Christmas and New Year season looming, you’ve also decided that it won’t be worth looking just yet – instead you’ll start in earnest in January.

How to answer: “Tell us about yourself”