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7 simple ways to boost your happiness at work

Whether you’re working in medical devices jobs or in any other area of healthcare, it’s natural that we all have those days at work we’d rather forget. But to try and keep those ‘down’ days to a minimum, there are a number of simple techniques and methods to improve your happiness in the workplace.

Consultant of the Month: Jason

In our monthly feature, we give an insight into the people who work hard to offer superb recruitment solutions, and make Prospect Health successful. This month we speak to Jason, whose tireless work in recruiting for GP jobs led to him being named consultant of the month. Jason offered us some interesting thoughts on the subject of GP recruitment.

5 possible reasons why you didn’t get the last job you went for

It can be so crushing to go for a job that you’d love to do and not even be shortlisted for an interview. It can feel even worse when you are interviewed but fall at the final hurdle.

What NOT to do on social media when looking for a job

Whilst social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and to share pictures and other media, it’s important to remember that employers will often have a profile too.

How to confront your workplace weakness

We’ve all got those aspects at work that we’re not that confident with. Even if you’ve had years of experience in your career, there’s that aspect that we’d rather not tackle, or feel a weakness in dealing with.

3 simple tips to improve your employability for your dream job

Whether or not you’re actively looking for a new job, you are bound to have thought about where you’d like to end up in your career. People in Care Home Manager jobs, just like those in any other profession, are sure to have an idea of what motivates them and what they’d like to achieve.