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From a GP’s perspective, how can your career and parenthood be balanced?

Like all areas of medicine, General Practice can be a hugely rewarding career but requires years of training to qualify for. As many GPs will experience parenthood at some stage in their career, combining the two naturally presents a unique set of challenges.

Telephone interview mistakes to avoid

If you’re looking at doctor jobs in Australia, or even if you’re searching for a new role much closer to home, you may well find that an increasing number of employers will conduct a telephone or Skype interview as the first (or a very early) stage of their assessment process.

How to succeed in strength-based interviews

For many in care home manager jobs, competency-based interviews are generally well known. Talking through proven examples of your previous experience to assess your suitability is a tried and tested method for both the care home and the manager candidate. But the strength-based interview is starting to increase in popularity, whether in care home manager jobs or other areas of healthcare.

5 career mistakes to avoid

Across the UK, those in optical jobs - along with other healthcare professionals - are trying to build a career that is satisfying and feels worthwhile them. There are many people who believe that they’ll be fine so long as they find that job that will allow them to live happily ever after.

5 easy techniques to help you cope with stress

Stress itself is an unavoidable fact of life, both at home and in the workplace. Whether you work in vet jobs or in a different career altogether, naturally challenges occur that will see your stress levels increase.