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How Prospect Health can help fill your GP vacancy – a Case Study.

It’s hard to find good GPs for your practice. 

Rabiya’s journey as a newly qualified Audiologist with Prospect Health

A job in the NHS is often considered a favoured option for many newly qualified audiologists but these opportunities are limited and without the commercial opportunities of high street and private practice, earning potential can be stumped too.

3 simple ways to improve your hiring process

How to Survice Small Animal ICU

It’s inevitable during your time at vet school, and especially in final year, that you’ll have to cover a week of both small and large animal ICU, and let’s face it, everybody’s heard the horror stories about these weeks! Having recently done a week of small animal ICU myself, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed it and how much I felt I gained and learned from the experience. I’ve come up with a list of hints and tips to help you survive your week of ICU so you too can get the most out of it!

In or Out of the EU?  What’s best for GPs, the NHS and how will you vote?

As a GP, the future of the NHS is subject that obviously needs to be considered when deciding whether we exit or stay in the EU.  The decision will have far reaching effects on the state of the NHS and ultimately GP Jobs.