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5 Top Video Interview Tips. The secrets behind acing that video interview

Video interviews are getting more popular and will become increasingly so as people and employers use modern technology to make best use of their time.  When looking to relocate or when you may be looking for a Doctor Job in the UAE or beyond, a video interview is sometimes one of the only ways to effectively communicate with a potential employer, meaning to bag that great job you have to ace that video interview the first time round.

5 ways to prepare yourself for a Monday morning in your new Vet Job

It is never easy going back to work on a Monday into your new Vet Job, especially when you have had a great weekend, not been on call and are not sure what to expect when you walk through the surgery door!

5 ways to impress in your first week in your new job

It can be intimidating walking into a practice on your first day in a vet job or optometrist job.  We spoke to Katie Morton about how she felt on her first day as a Vet.

These tips apply to any professional, regardless of if you’re a Vet or an Optometrist and should help you prepare yourself for your first day in the job.

The 3 biggest issues facing the NHS after Brexit

We distil the impact Brexit will have on the NHS and pull out the 3 biggest issues.

The 5 Key Skills of a good Graduate Vet Mentor

After the first month in your new Vet Job it may still seem daunting, like you are just dressing up and pretending to be a vet every day! But one person who will be able to get you through it is your mentor.

Stressed? Remember why vet school was the best time of your life.

Going into my final year of vet school, looking back I cannot believe how fast the past 4 years have flown by. It seems like only yesterday I was sitting in the dissection room for the first time as a fresher, completely boggled by the masseter, zygomaticus and digastricus muscles. Now, 4 years on, I am about to embark on my Final Year Prep course and the start of my core rotations in the hospitals. In just 8 months I will have been taught all I need to know and will be sitting my finals.

What 5 key attributes does an employer look for in a good Optometrist?

To succeed in any Optometrist job it’s not always about Clinical expertise, you have to have a bit more about you to become a world class optometrist.

Top 5 worries when starting your optical pre-reg - advice and support for optical students from newly qualified optometrist Maryum

Hey! I’m Maryum – A recent optometry graduate and I spent my Pre-Registration year at Specsavers in Matlock. 

Here are five things that I was worried when starting my optical pre-reg year.  

Consultant of the Month - Chris Hastings

Every month we offer an insight into our staff that make Prospect Health successful through their dedicated efforts to secure recruitment solutions for their clients and candidates. Today we speak to Chris, whose has excelled in recruiting for Vet jobs. Here he speaks about his experiences in veterinary recruitment. 

5 Quick Linked In Tips

One of the best ways to get potential employers & recruiters to notice you is to have a pretty good Linked In profile.

GP Social Media Round Up  July 2016

23rd July