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5 easy steps to building client rapport in your Pre-reg Optometrist job by Maryum Mahmood

Communication skills and building client rapport in your optometrist job is one of those topics that as an optometry student you don’t take too seriously and over look, or at least I did! After all, most of it seems like common sense, but it’s quite easy to forget how you come across to patients when you’re stressing over your next visit, all those referrals that need writing and how late you’re running with the clinic!

Dreamed of being a Vet but the reality in the job is different?

You’ve trained for 5 years to be a Vet, been exposed to some wild experiences whilst at Vet School and you think you’re prepared  for private practice.

The power of a "Thank You" in the workplace

It is sometimes expected that you will do a good job. Healthcare workers put their heart and soul into the jobs they do, but when was the last time your employer genuinely thanked you for the job you are doing or any extra work you have done, or is it just expected and not rewarded?

5 things a new Vet Job can do for your life

I have watched many people go through bad experiences in their jobs and the effects it can have on you can be catastrophic. You probably spend at least 30% of your valuable time each week in your place of work so it’s no wonder that finding a new job can often mean finding a new you.   We explore how finding a new Vet Job can literally change your life for the better.