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Jason's 7 Tips for Testing Children in your first Optical job


Sarah’s 5 top tips for your first week in a new Graduate Vet Job:

Entering into the working world into your first vet job is both a daunting and exciting prospect. You have just graduated, and feel as though the world is your oyster! You’ve grafted through the seemingly unending years at vet school, passed the exams, and finally received that piece of paper which serves as your ticket into this exciting profession. It’s not long before the hunt for a Vet Job comes to an end, and, before you know it, your first day as a working veterinary surgeon is looming…

A Vet Student’s Guide to Surviving a Week of Night Shifts

A 9-5 shift is basically unheard of in any Vet Job… if anything, a 9am start is a lie in. I recently found myself working the reverse; 5pm – 9am, as part of my final year rotations. To the non-vet world, this sounds completely mad but I survived and dare I say, I loved it! Here’s a few tips I picked up that got me through it…