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Top Tips for Lowering Test Times in your Optical Job (Part 1)

We have all been there. Recently graduated from university and not long in to our pre-registration period before someone tells you “You need to be quicker”. It is often a scary prospect and one where you think to yourself “I'm going as quick as I can! How can I go any faster without compromising my quality eye examinations for my patients?”

Ten Tips to Help with your Veterinary Placement (and Veterinary Job!)

As part of the Veterinary Course, students are required to complete both clinical and pre-clinical EMS placements. These help us to apply what we have learnt to a clinical setting and also prepare us for our first veterinary job! I have just completed all of my placements and decided to share some tips to get you through them. Starting at a new placement each week or so can be an anxious and stressful period. It’s like starting a new job each time and being the new person. I think this is what makes vet students so resilient in the end.

An Optometrist's Job - What do they really do?

Optometrists – What Are We?

Consultant of the Month  - Phoebe Towers

Every month we offer an insight into the staff that make Prospect Health successful through their dedicated efforts to secure recruitment solutions for their clients and candidates. Today we speak to Phoebe, whose has excelled in recruiting for Dispensing Optician jobs. Here she speaks about her experiences in Optical recruitment. 

Life as a Vet Student Volunteer in India - Preparing yourself for your first Vet Job by Emma Reilly

I have to admit that one thing that has really surprised me about vet school is the lack of surgical experience we get. You can go from being a vet student to a qualified vet job overnight and all of a sudden, you’re set loose onto the world. Scary stuff….so much so that I decided to find somewhere I could get as much surgical experience as possible…cue the WVS India Surgical Course!!!