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What are employers looking for from a pre-registered optometrist?

Stepping into a new role can be daunting at any level of your profession. When looking for a role as a pre-registered optometrist you are under pressure to be able to demonstrate your clinical knowledge and that you have the personable traits and commitment to your profession to succeed.

Experienced advisors, and why you should listen to them – Top tips from top optometrist Jason Searle for newly qualified and pre-reg optometrists

Jason Searle is our regular optometry guest blogger and here he shares the advice he was given during his early optometry career and how he remembers feeling as a newly qualified and pre-reg optometrist.

Private practice or NHS – which should you choose as a newly qualified audiologist?

Being newly qualified in any profession can be daunting. You have experienced years of studying and you are elated at having passed those final exams, but now you are facing a tough decision… where are you going to work?

Bayfields – Another successful year!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Bayfields annual Christmas party. The theme was Hollywood – The Glitz, Glamour and all the Razzmatazz that goes with it were on show and everyone in attendance had a fantastic evening!