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A Vet Student Abroad – arriving in Oslo and the first week of ski-ing, gløgg and thorough clinical exams!

Bethany Dixon is a final year veterinary student at Liverpool University. Bethany has just embarked on her student exchange programme and has written to tell us all about her first week, settling in and getting to grips with vet student life in Oslo!

What are employers looking for from a newly qualified optometrist?

As a newly qualified optometrist your employers are looking for you to be a rounded member of their team. Employers look for someone who they can trust to deliver excellent patient care, be a dynamic member of their team and be commercially aware and willing to learn. These are all areas that you need to be able to demonstrate your experience in.

Top 5 Tips - Using your CPD to help you excel in your interview as a newly qualified GP

Interviews are nerve wracking and as a newly qualified GP chances are your next interview will be for a role you really, really want so the pressure is on to show off your skills, knowledge and experience.

Chain or Independent?

Jason Searle, experienced and dedicated optometrist shares his thoughts on which route to take as a newly qualified optometrist.

Recognising Triggers and Learning to Cope with Stress as a Newly Qualified Vet

Stress is defined as a ‘state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.’