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Going that Extra Mile

With fully booked diaries, demanding patients and forever watching the figures to make sure you meet your targets, it is no wonder that we can occasionally move into autopilot and become somewhat an optometric robot. However, getting through the day and giving an average outcome to your employers and satisfactory experience to your patients shouldn’t be the way that you make your way through the day and we should be striving for excellent performances to wow our managers and have the patient experience the best eye examination that they have ever had! This blog looks at ways how to do just that!

The Scientist Training Programme – An Audiology Perspective - Saira Hussain, Teaching Fellow of HEA at Aston University shares her thoughts on becoming a Clinical Scientist in Audiology

There are a variety of career pathways that you can take in audiology, one of which is to specialise as a clinical scientist in audiology. One route in becoming one is through the Scientist Training Programme (STP). Below is a brief insight into the course.

Top Tips to Finding the Pre-Registration Placement that is Right for You

It does seem a long time ago for me now, but I can distinctly remember the pressures I had upon me to find a placement for my pre-registration period. It wasn’t just the requirement to have one upon finishing university that put that pressure on me, but it was the constant talk from my peers (many of which had either been offered a placement from where they used to work as an optical assistant or a dispensing optician) and the constant pressure from the multiples to be applying for a position before I’d even worked out where I want my optometry degree to take me.