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Confessions of a New Graduate Vet... "What I’ve learnt after 12 months in practice"

I remember writing my first blog after my first week as a vet and now here I am almost 12 months in! There’s been a lot of ups and downs but on the whole, I am really happy working as a vet and am still learning lots of new things every day!

I Wish I Knew That When I qualified…

I remember my first clinic as a newly-qualified optometrist, testing for the first time without the safety-net of a supervisor behind me. Part of me excited, the rest of me terrified – all the decisions I now make rest completely with my final judgement.  For someone who was not the greatest at making decisions prior to optometry, it was a daunting thought! I feared that I was going to miss something, not write down a vital measurement and I was always worried that the GOC or College Assessor were hiding somewhere in the room, ready to pounce on me for making a mistake. With four years qualified under my belt, I’m yet to see my assessor fall out of a cupboard to question any decisions I have made and experience has taught me how to handle the many non-routine encounters I usually experience on a typical clinic. This article hopes to share the gems of information that I have picked up whilst working the role that I really wish someone would have told me when I started!