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Are you advertising your Registered Manager job at the right salary?

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Following the launch of our salary survey at the beginning of the year, here at Prospect Health we’ve been keeping a close eye on the advertised salaries for Registered Managers.

care home manager caring for elderly lady

“It’s really interesting to look at what people are advertising their roles at,” commented Paul Ashall, Director at Prospect Health, he continued “So often we hear from clients that they’ve been advertising their role in all the right places but had no applications from quality candidates… it’s often the advertised salary that is the issue, it’s not enough!”

A quick Google Search shows the range of roles and salaries available in the Care sector.

Care Job Google Search Results

“It’s not as easy as saying ‘that salary’s wrong’”, mentions Alexa Makaafi, Specialist Recruiter at Prospect Health, “You do have to consider the location and size and type of the service, but even with these factors considered it’s clear when roles are being advertised at too low a salary.”

Care Jobs on Google 

When taking a look at the roles that came up in the Google Search and comparing the salaries to the data collated by Prospect Health for the 2019 Care Salary Survey, some of the salaries shown are 12% below the average for the type of service.

“We recommend that any service advertising for a Residential Manager take time to research the salary they are offering and consider if it reflects what Managers are actually being paid,” said John Watchorn, Specialist Recruiter at Prospect Health.

2019 Care Salary Survey 

The full range of Care Service Sectors and their salaries can be found in the 2019 Care Salary Survey.

If you would like to download Prospect Health’s 2019 Care Salary Survey


Should you be currently looking for a Registered Manager and would like to discuss the role, salary or how to attract the best candidates to your service, Prospect Health’s Care Team would be more than happy to talk to you.

Call 01423 813 455 or email care.info@prospect-health.com

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