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**Audiology Graduate News** - Networking - Top Tips from Saira Hussain, Teaching Fellow of HEA at Aston Uni

 |  Audiology Resourcing

Saira Hussain is the HEA Teaching Fellow at Aston University and has shared her top tips on networking for Audiology graduates and newly qualified Audiologists with Prospect Health.  

Networking – putting an idea into reality

People networking 

For those who are newly qualified in the world of audiology, or about to graduate, you will hear the phrase ‘Audiology is a small world’ more than once. It’s not necessarily a reminder to be cautious, but the opposite; embrace the fact that ‘everyone knows everyone!

So what can networking do for you?

Through networking you may receive opportunities to help out at events, have an understanding of how different departments/companies work, and even hear about job opportunities.


Networking amongst your peers at university 

Networking can be as simple and easy as speaking to students within your own year group, but also across the years; students above you have been in your shoes and can perhaps provide tips and hints for the future. You may even stay in touch as alumni!

It’s also useful to speak to your own lecturers and staff about their experiences as everyone will have a different journey to where they are now.

You will find over the course of your career you may find mentors in different forms, whether this is a fellow peer, an academic member of staff or other, that can help support you over the years.


Aston University Audiology Careers Event 2019

This is an exciting event for all undergraduate audiology students across the UK, as well as recent graduates and anyone else interested in hearing about career opportunities in audiology.

You’ll have the opportunity to network with exhibitors ranging from the NHS, private sector, charities, industry, recruitment agencies and more!

You’ll hear from a range of speakers who will also share their audiology backgrounds to highlight the range and diversity of audiology related careers.

This is a free event to students on Monday 18th March 2019 and you can find out more and register here.

Prospect Health will be attending the event and our Audiology experts will be there to answer any Audiology career questions you may have! 

Aston University logo

Professional Body Conferences

These are perhaps the largest gatherings of audiology professionals in the UK and is a fantastic opportunity to learn about emerging technologies, procedures, and new research. You will also get to meet a wide range of exhibitors from all sectors.

It’s a great place to meet members of the audiology field at talks, at stands and informally over the conference days. Audiology students receive a discounted price and are encouraged to attend! There are also other professional body conferences too that may be of interest.



As part of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake placements. This varies from each institution delivering audiology but you will have the chance to meet colleagues in the audiology professions; ask how they got into audiology, what do they enjoy, what is difficult etc. They will hopefully enjoy speaking to an aspiring audiologist and can perhaps provide valuable insights into the type of role you’d like for the future.



LinkedIN Logo

Online platforms can be a great way to connect.

It is important to note the professionalism around social media (and worth checking the guidelines for this with the various regulatory and professional bodies in audiology).

LinkedIn is a great tool for building your identity in the field and employers may even be approached through there! You’ll be adding to your ‘online CV’ with new experiences and courses that you’ll have the opportunity to undertake over your career, which can start as early as year one of the course!

If you would like to talk to our Audiology team here at Prospect Health please call 01423 813 459 - they are always ready to talk to you about your career and possible opportunities.

To see the most up to date list of Audiology vacancies please click HERE  



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