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Care Home Manager Recruitment - The Difference a Registered Manager can make: A Case Study

The Difference A Good Manager Can Make To Your Business

When recruiting for a Registered Manager, many care home owners are unsure where to start. This happened to Frances Meehan, owner of Heathside Care Home in Altrincham. “Our capacity was being doubled from 16 to 30 beds, and we had a long waiting list before the rooms were even ready” she says. “I had not had a holiday in several years and eventually realised I needed a manager to take the business forward.”

However, Frances found that care home managers are not always easy to recruit for, and turned to Prospect Health for assistance. It was a decision that would improve her working life significantly. “Prospect fully vetted our needs, to get a better understanding of who would make an ideal candidate” says Frances. “Soon enough, he presented Karen to us”.

Karen Garner started at Heathside last year and has helped Frances to take the care home from strength to strength. “From the minute I started working at Heathside, I felt as if I had been here forever” Karen says. “Once I had identified the necessary improvements and changes, everybody was supportive and embraced these actions”.

In just a few short months, Karen was able to take on necessary tasks, leaving Frances to focus on her own tasks. Karen has ensured the home was fully compliant with the CQC and that there are safe effective systems in place for storing and administering medicines.

With a manager to organise these vital areas, Frances has been able to improve staff training, documentation and audits. Some staff members have even been enrolled to take QCF qualifications. As Karen points out, “this has had a knock-on effect; our residents are happy and well cared for and staff morale is high. Complaints have significantly decreased and feedback from the residents’ families has been excellent.”

Working at Heathside has been fantastic for  Karen, who says "I would recommend Prospect Health to anyone looking for employment". And Frances’ situation has been transformed since hiring Karen – who she describes as “a breath of fresh air” – as a manager. Perhaps most significantly, she has just taken her first family holiday in years, “and we are planning another soon, thanks to Karen and Prospect Health!”

To understand how we could help you find a Registered Manager for your Care Service please email us at care.info@prospect-health.com or call us for a no obligation chat on 01423 813455.


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