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Consultant of the Month - Will Bale

 |  Care News

Will Bale - Consultant of the Month Care Jobs

Every month we offer an insight into our staff that make Prospect Health successful through their dedicated efforts to secure recruitment solutions for their clients. Today we speak to Will, whose has excelled in recruiting for Care jobs. Here he speaks about his experiences in Care recruitment. 

 How did you come to be working for Prospect Health?

I relocated to Yorkshire after working as an actor for 7 years and I felt like I needed to get a “proper, grown up job!”  I knew I wanted to job that had people at its heart as I love talking to people and helping them out whenever I can. The role at Prospect Health seemed ideal for me as I was able to help Care Home owners find the perfect managers for their homes, whilst also finding Care Home Managers their perfect jobs.

What would you say is the biggest challenge recruiting for Care Jobs?

My biggest challenge is meeting my client’s expectations and finding the perfect candidate for their roles. They often have a long list of requirements for their roles and it’s always a challenge finding the right manager for them.  However, it’s a challenge I relish and finding a manager who fits their brief perfectly is very satisfying.

What do you love about working at Prospect Health?

It’s a young, professional, dynamic team with a great atmosphere; I truly love coming to work everyday!  My main motivator is the feeling you get when you place someone in a new job, there is no feeling like knowing you have helped to make someone’s life better.

How do you think recruiting for Care jobs differs from recruiting in other areas?

The people that I talk to every day are really caring, and they want to ensure they provide the best possible care to their residents.  They often get a sense for whether a home is right for them by visiting the establishment and getting a “feel” for the place and how they interact to the environment.  In the care sector, you have to take the feelings and emotions of the people you are dealing with into consideration, probably more so than in any other sector that we deal with.

What is it about Prospect Health’s approach to recruitment that makes it successful?

I think it’s the fact we are really selective about who we work with.  We do not try and make a quick buck by putting people in jobs that are not right for them as it’s just counterproductive.  It’s our philosophy to place good managers in roles that are right for them so they will ultimately benefit the home and the end user, the residents.  We have been doing a lot of work with a local charity HELP recently, showing our commitment to the local ageing population as well as the homes and managers we deal with on a day to day basis.

What do you think you need to know to recruit for Care jobs, that you didn’t know before?

You really need to go with your gut instinct, when talking to candidates about specific jobs you get a feel for whether they are going to be right for the role or not.  It’s also crucial that you instil confidence in the people you’re working with, making sure you understand their circumstances implicitly by asking the right questions helps with this.

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