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CV Tips: The One Word You Need to Add

 |  Care Resources

shutterstock_268766585.jpgIf you’re considering new career opportunities, whether in Care Home Manager jobs or in other areas of healthcare, then you’ll want your CV to be at its best. It’s crucial that it includes all of your skills and achievements – and even more crucial that it explains them properly, so employers can see your potential within seconds.

Adding just one word to your CV can transform it, to achieve just that – which. Putting which in to your CV will give the content more substance, as it qualifies everything you’ve already written.

Below are a few examples; whilst they relate to Care Home Manager jobs, they can be applied to other careers just as easily.

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Example: If you “implemented a successful improvement plan” in your care home, then use the word ‘which’ to demonstrate the outcome.

This new point: “Implemented a successful improvement plan, which made the home fully compliant with the CQC” clearly shows what your actions achieved.


Other examples: “Devised a new system for storing, administering and ordering medication” becomes “Devised a new system for storing, administering and ordering medication, which increased both productivity and patient safety, and is still in place today.” This shows that your ideas were a lasting success.

“Enrolled staff for QCF Qualifications” becomes “Enrolled staff for QCF Qualifications, which increased staff knowledge and reduced the need for additional supervision.” This shows that you empowered staff to improve the workings of the care home, rather than simply filled in some registration forms.



When applying the ‘which’ treatment to your CV, you should ask yourself how the successes you’re describing were due to your actions. Doing this can show up weaker points; but as adding these words may make your CV a bit lengthy, then you can simply remove these parts to ensure the entire focus is on your best – and most important – successes in your Care Home Manager jobs.  

If you follow this approach, you’ll soon find that you’re commanding the attention of the hiring managers for the Care Home Manager jobs you really want.

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