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**GP Job News** Developing a GP Portfolio Career – Striking the balance

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Starting your career as a GP is an exciting time and here at Prospect Health we work with a variety of practices who offer newly qualified GPs great first jobs. The first few months in a new GP job can be fast paced, information overload and at times stressful but within six months or so, the majority of new GPs find their rhythm and naturally; some start to think about what’s next?

For many the term ‘Portfolio Career’ will be familiar and for those new to it, it’s a phrase that’s been used in the past few years to describe GPs who balance their day-to-day surgery life with other roles. These roles are connected to their work but perhaps allow more clinical freedom, work/life flexibility or the opportunity to mix with peers outside of their usual working environment.

Common roles that constitute a ‘GP Portfolio Career’ include:

  • Medical Education
  • Forensic Medical Examiner
  • Prison Doctor
  • GP with Specialist Interest
  • Telehealth – remote consulting
  • PCO management or clinical lead work
  • Appraiser

These roles often include additional training and it can feel like starting all over again in terms of deciding which route to take; however expanding your knowledge, skills and network is a great way to keep your work life diverse.

“Striking the balance of day-to-day practice life and a role outside of the surgery or in some way connected can be a great way for GPs to manage their levels of job satisfaction. For example Medical Education offers opportunities to be the conduit between the consultation room and the classroom – you’re able to pass information back and forth so not only are you educating others but you’re being challenged and presented with new information from your students; teaching can be a great way to be part of your area’s medical community,” commented Jason Dunn, GP Business Development Manager at Prospect Health.

“Practices are becoming more accustomed and open to the idea of supporting GPs who want a ‘Portfolio Career’; they recognise that these GPs may work less sessions but will bring a skill-set that will benefit patients and the practice and, vitally, long term, they are more settled and happier in their roles” Jason continued.

If you are considering developing your role and would like to talk to someone further our GP Team is available on 01423 813454 or you can email them on gps.info@prospect-health.com


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