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How thinking about Pharmacy recruitment differently can have a positive effect on your business

 |  Pharmacy Resourcing

One of our clients was opening a new Pharmacy following a successful contract application. They were based in a notoriously difficult location for Pharmacy recruitment but they knew what type of person they needed to start this new venture. They wanted to recruit a high performing manager that would take the lead in developing their new Pharmacy from scratch. They needed to be able to develop services, train, recruit and manage a team whilst maximising script volumes as quickly as possible.

We would like be able to say that we were our client’s first port of call but unfortunately we were not. Our client did what a lot of companies do in this situation and placed an advert in the usual journals. Needless to say in this location for this type of challenge the types of candidates that responded to their advert were not suitable and not high performers.

They then turned to us. When briefed on the role we got a thorough understanding of what they were looking for and the challenges that the new Pharmacy Manager would need to meet. We marketed this opportunity to our extensive database of candidates, specifically candidates with a suitable background, experience and credentials to perform at a high level in this type of position, and more importantly candidates who were motivated by the challenge. Although their initial approach to filling the role was not what we would recommend, our client did realise how vital it was to get a high performing Pharmacist to launch and manage this new venture. They knew that getting the wrong person would lead to a poor launch, lost opportunities and not being able to realise the commercial potential.

There were not many candidates with the skills and background that also fulfilled the specific criteria that our client was looking for. However, we did manage to find a small number of suitable candidates for our client to interview, all of whom met the specification very closely and were motivated by the challenge this role and company could offer. These candidates were gainfully employed, not responding to adverts and were not registered with any other agencies.

Our client had the good sense to start their recruitment exercise well in advance of the branch opening so even with a lengthy notice period the successful candidate had time to prepare and hit the ground running in this new challenge.

Without our assistance our client may have been forced into a bad hiring decision, or even worse they may have had to rely on locums to launch this new venture. Luckily this was not the case and our candidate joined them and achieved some terrific results in setting up and establishing a very successful Pharmacy for them.

When we recruited Kevin for our client he was working with Prospect Health on an exclusive basis. He was not registered with any other recruitment agencies or applying to recruitment adverts. He had a background of being a high performer with his previous employer and was looking for a new challenge, having already realised the potential to grow his current branch any further. He was not looking for a new position proactively but was certainly open to a very specific type of challenge if it existed.

It is extremely rare to be able to recruit people with this level of commitment, motivation, drive and experience through advertising. Equally, as the majority of our competitors use advertising as their primary source of generating candidates, it is also very unlikely that they would be able to provide candidates like this. Many agencies use the same recruitment methods as Pharmacies by advertising in journals and therefore get the same results.


Kevin’s Key Achievements

Kevin maximised profits, increased customer service levels & developed the skill competence and qualification levels within the business.

  • Grew script levels to 6,000 items per month in 3 months.
  • Script levels were 10,000 items per month after 12 months.
  • Introduced EHC and MUR services.
  • Achieved 400 MURs in the first 8 months.
  • Saved the business £24,000 per year by increasing staff competence & streamlining staff rotas.
  • Reduced customer waiting times to just 5 minutes (the lowest in the area).

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