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Interim Manager Recruitment - How can an Interim Manager add value to your Care Service?

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What does an interim manager do?  What is their purpose?

An Interim Manager essentially steps into your registered manager’s role when there is no manager at the service or the current manager requires support due to an inadequate/ requires improvement CQC inspection report.

Interim managers are usually highly skilled individuals who have a history of Registered Manager roles. Working with CQC Legislation, National guidelines and Employment with Workplace Laws, they adapt to all situations including support and guidance of staff, appraise, empower and address budgets and finances. They work at a fast pace, remain independent of the service and provide honest performance reviews to improve the service.

If a service has been put under embargo or has voluntarily put themselves under embargo due to a poor CQC rating an interim manager is crucial to ensure the continued success of the service.  Without the help of an experienced interim manager the service’s revenue stream could be severely impacted and it could close without any other supporting manager.

We helped a Care Home in Liverpool recruit Jayne Shillcock, an experienced Interim Manager to help turn their Care Service around

Prospect Health were contacts by the Care Home to help them recruit an Interim manager as they had put themselves under a voluntary embargo due to a “Requires Improvement” CQC rating on their first inspection report. Jayne arranged to go into the home to conduct an initial audit to see what work was required and after reviewing the home agreed to a 2 day per week contract.

Jayne has worked in the Care Sector for many years and keeps updated with CQC and legal changes as well as with Professional Practice. She has lots of experience working with poor performing homes in order to improve their services.

The failings can be for numerous reasons but having a Professional Manager with the right knowledge, experience and competency, anything can be fixed. The person with the failing has to recognise it and apply for the help as soon as possible instead of dwelling on the problem. Delay or pride in a situation like this will not save your business. But the right person at the right time will.

The decision was to turn the home around, ensure the changes are sustainable and move on. This is to cause as little unsettlement as possible and ensure the staff are learning with every change that is made as this will allow them to deal with these situations themselves in the future. Empowering staff and creating autonomy. Valuing the staff and ensuring that are knowledgeable in every aspect of their individual roles.

Finally, continually auditing the home until all the RAG coded actions turn to green and the home is then meeting all KLOE as Good and the workload can be sustained.

Jayne has never had a failed inspection report and has turned homes around from cancellation of registration to a Good rating in less than 8 months. I have supported services in specific areas of the inspection report that are failing, such as care plans and medications to work with the manager.

So as you can see the interim manager is flexible, knowledgeable, dynamic and has excellent organisational and time management skills.

What would an Interim manager do when they first enter the care service?

Once an interim manager steps into the service, they will firstly look to see where the problems lie and complete a full KLOE action plan.  This will be done by means of an audit with RAG coded computerised action plan as guidance for improvements to be made. It will fully ascertain what standards and processes need to be brought up to regulation standard, which is basically a mock CQC inspection.  Any action plan suggested will be SMART and timelines to achieve certain measures will be agreed at the start of the contract once the audit has been completed.

What interaction would they have with the service owner?

The action plan will be used to present a proposal to the owner which will explain all the interaction of the interim with regards to suggested time, specific role and once agreed a contract will be signed and agreed by both parties for the service to move forward.

Then the action plan will be shared with the owner. A start date will be agreed with monthly feedback and half term review of the improvements being made. An interim manager will run the service as if they are the registered manager (even being on call if need be) and will work in full support of the owners.

What actions would an interim manager take to turn the performance of your care service around?

They will do whatever is needed to help turn the care service in question around. Any work conducted by an Interim manager should be sustainable.  The owner and any incumbent care service manager must understand why the failings have happened and be willing to implement any new policies and procedures recommended by the Interim Manager in order for the service to succeed and pass its next CQC inspection, which could be anytime within the first 6 months of the initial embargo.

A good interim manager will even interact with the CQC and social services in meetings to represent the home they are supporting and build good relations whilst demonstrating improved good practices.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you find an Interim Manager for your care service please call us on 01423 813455 or email us at care.info@prospect-health.com

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