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How to get the most out of your EMS Placement by Dogtor Smith

Let's talk EMS!

5 top tips to support newly-hired managers

When recruiting and hiring a new manager for your care service, the week before and the first few weeks in your organisation are the most important time to ensure your new recruit becomes an effective and intrinsic part of your team.  Samuel Barrington, the Chief Executive of Care Improvement Associates has over 23 years of care, quality and compliance experience. He understands the importance of recruiting the right manager for your service and making sure they are set up well from day one in your organisation.

Enhancing Your Optometry Studies

I may have been qualified for several years now, but I still think back to my time at university and think what I could have done better to prepare for my life as an optometrist. I’ve been lucky enough to earn a place on the Professional Certificate in Glaucoma at Cardiff University and these memories and thoughts are beginning to shape how I plan my studies again. Here are some ways that I have found that will help you make the most of your time at university and prepare you for pre-registration and your future job in optometry.

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet: The Euthanasia Consult

The first euthanasia consult you do will no doubt be nerve wracking. It’s a very upsetting time for owners and you just want everything to go as smoothly as possible for them and the animal. Over my first year in practice, I have developed a protocol for how I do them to make sure I cover everything. It helps to calm my own nerves with this mental checklist too!

Starting life as an Audiology student? Year 1 - what to expect by Teaching Fellow of HEA, Saira Hussain, Aston University

Saira Hussain is the Teaching Fellow at HEA at Aston University and with the new term well underway she has shared her thoughts on what new Audiology students can expect from their first year at uni...

Promoting Your Profession

As a healthcare professional, you understand the importance of your role in the community. If you take a step back, do you know how the public perceive our roles; what we do and can provide and the importance of our presence in their lives?

Do you have the transferable skills needed to secure your perfect Optical Role?

Transferable skills are a set of basic abilities and skills that can be applied to numerous different job roles.  Although, these are easily picked up through life and work experience, employers see them are incredibly valuable.  Transferable skills demonstrate to the employer how easily you will be able to fit into the team and the position being offered. 

Confessions of a New Graduate Vet... "What I’ve learnt after 12 months in practice"

I remember writing my first blog after my first week as a vet and now here I am almost 12 months in! There’s been a lot of ups and downs but on the whole, I am really happy working as a vet and am still learning lots of new things every day!

I Wish I Knew That When I qualified…

I remember my first clinic as a newly-qualified optometrist, testing for the first time without the safety-net of a supervisor behind me. Part of me excited, the rest of me terrified – all the decisions I now make rest completely with my final judgement.  For someone who was not the greatest at making decisions prior to optometry, it was a daunting thought! I feared that I was going to miss something, not write down a vital measurement and I was always worried that the GOC or College Assessor were hiding somewhere in the room, ready to pounce on me for making a mistake. With four years qualified under my belt, I’m yet to see my assessor fall out of a cupboard to question any decisions I have made and experience has taught me how to handle the many non-routine encounters I usually experience on a typical clinic. This article hopes to share the gems of information that I have picked up whilst working the role that I really wish someone would have told me when I started!

Going that Extra Mile

With fully booked diaries, demanding patients and forever watching the figures to make sure you meet your targets, it is no wonder that we can occasionally move into autopilot and become somewhat an optometric robot. However, getting through the day and giving an average outcome to your employers and satisfactory experience to your patients shouldn’t be the way that you make your way through the day and we should be striving for excellent performances to wow our managers and have the patient experience the best eye examination that they have ever had! This blog looks at ways how to do just that!