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Taking the leap into first opinion practice

 The jump (or should I say gargantuan leap) from university life into your first veterinary job is an absolutely terrifying, but also an incredibly exciting prospect. It's one others can do very little to help you prepare for and it is a different experience for absolutely every new graduate vet out there. It would be stupid for me to try and write a blog post with a list of advice on how to settle seamlessly into practice; every experience is different and there's no 'one piece fits all' advice that I can share. What I will do however is share with you my experiences and the tips and tricks that have helped me settle into practice life. Hopefully that way you'll have an insight into the difficulties I have faced and what I have done to overcome them.

**GP JOB NEWS** Commissioning GP roles - skills you need and how to get involved

What is commissioning and how can I help in my GP job?

Unravelling rotations by Dogtor Smith

It's a guaranteed somewhat sleepless night before you start your first rotation. For me, it was a combination of Christmas eve excitement (yes, I'm finally doing it) and pre-exam dread (I don't know anything)! I'm therefore hoping that the following blog will help open your eyes to what rotations involve and help ease some of the undoubted nerves. 

**GP Job News** Developing a GP Portfolio Career – Striking the balance

Starting your career as a GP is an exciting time and here at Prospect Health we work with a variety of practices who offer newly qualified GPs great first jobs. The first few months in a new GP job can be fast paced, information overload and at times stressful but within six months or so, the majority of new GPs find their rhythm and naturally; some start to think about what’s next?

Communicating Effectively When Communication Is Difficult

Our careers working as an optometrist or dispensing optician will have us see many thousands of patients, each with their own preferences and individual needs. As a healthcare professional, we will need to be adaptable and make sure the information we provide is communicated effectively to everyone that we deal with. In most cases, this comes naturally with our daily encounters with the general public; but on occasion, we will encounter those that can have restrictions in how they communicate and/or understand things or may even mis-lead us in what they communicate. It is our duty to ensure that the needs of everyone under our care are catered to and this blog post will look at ways to navigate such encounters accordingly.

How to structure your CV for your Pre-Reg Job

The time to submit your CV and Cover Letter's is approaching. Read our blog to understand how you should structure your CV to land you your first choice Pre-Reg Placement. 

We have also put together a blog covering the DO's and DONT's and how to structure your Cover Letter.

How to Format your Cover Letter for your dream Pre-Reg Placement

Cover Letter's allow you to expand upon your CV achievements and skills relevant for the job you're applying for. This is your chance to show the employer why you're the best candidate for the position. 

Managing stress for you and others as a newly qualified Audiologist

Stress is defined as a ‘state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.’

How to get the most out of your EMS Placement by Dogtor Smith

Let's talk EMS!

5 top tips to support newly-hired managers

When recruiting and hiring a new manager for your care service, the week before and the first few weeks in your organisation are the most important time to ensure your new recruit becomes an effective and intrinsic part of your team.  Samuel Barrington, the Chief Executive of Care Improvement Associates has over 23 years of care, quality and compliance experience. He understands the importance of recruiting the right manager for your service and making sure they are set up well from day one in your organisation.