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Prospect Health and Cat the Vet - How to succeed as a newly qualified vet

 |  Veterinary Resources

Cat Henstridge recently hosted Prospect Health’s Webinar – How to succeed as a newly qualified vet and now it’s available for you to download.

A bit about Cat the Vet

Cat graduated from Nottingham University in 2003 after which she travelled around Asia and took some time to practice in clinics overseas.

On her return, her first job was in Wolverhampton, where she worked in small animal practice and started to look at equine medicine which included out of hours work.  

Four years later Cat looked for a change moving away from out-of-hours and into locum roles where she practised at first opinion clinics and charities.

Recently Cat moved back to Sheffield and moved to a small animal practice. Cat also publishes a website where she regularly blogs sharing her experiences and advice for pet owners and she has a successful social media following and has appeared on television.

During Prospect Health’s – How to succeed as a newly qualified vet webinar, Cat takes participants through some key points you need to consider when moving into your first vet role after graduation including…

Your first job…

Where to go? - Home or Away?

The type of practice you want to work in?

The type of job you’re looking for – graduate training scheme?

Are you going to go ‘on-call’?

How will you find your new job? How will you choose the right opportunity? Negotiating your salary?

Starting in your new role…

Top Tips for your first day

Survival Tips

To watch the full webinar, download it  HERE – CAT THE VET HOW TO SUCCEED AS A NEWLY QUALIFIED VET

If you would like to get in touch with Gemma, Prospect Health's Specialist Veterinary Consultant, to discuss your next veterinary role please call 01423 813 453 or email vets@prospect-health.com

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