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Sonam - OIT VB (Aug)

 |  Optical Vlogs

This is Sonam’s final Vlog for her Pre Reg Year – Thank you Sonam!

In this Vlog Sonam is deep into preparing for her OSCE’s this September. Talking in this Vlog about her stage 2’s and best practice to ensure these go well for you all. In your stage 2’s you will get assessed on everything main points to concentrate on are the Contact Lens trial and aftercares and your routine eye check (this could be anything that walks through the door).

In your visits you’ll be assessed on your record cards so she suggests using cards that have already been assessed or cards that have been checked by your supervisor and other qualified colleagues.

Now Sonam is deep into her preparation and revision for her OSCE’s and is looking forward to completing and hopefully qualifying.

Sonam wishes all Pre-registration Optometrists the best of luck in their stage 1’s and 2’s.


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