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The power of a "Thank You" in the workplace

It is sometimes expected that you will do a good job. Healthcare workers put their heart and soul into the jobs they do, but when was the last time your employer genuinely thanked you for the job you are doing or any extra work you have done, or is it just expected and not rewarded?

Many people work long hours, they surrender their weekends and late nights to do a good job for the patients and bosses they are relentlessly trying to help and assist.

Most people don’t want any financial reward for going above and beyond their call of duty and doing a good job. Most of the time, just a simple “Thank you” will suffice.

Sometimes, as an employer, they feel like they are the hardest words to say but these 3 small words will do so much for the individual……

  • It will increase their motivation to do a good job
  • It will make them feel valued in their role
  • It will make them feel like the work they have done is respected and appreciated
  • It just makes the person feel good about themselves
  • It will ultimately increase their productivity and therefore the profitability of your business!
Next time you see someone doing a good job, or someone has gone above and beyond their job role, just say thank you. It’s not as hard as you think and will bring you unexpected benefits you will probably not appreciate and...it will make you feel good too!
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