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Top 5 Reasons to Recruit Before Christmas 2019

 |  General Industry news

Contrary to popular belief now is the time to start your recruitment campaign. As recruiters we are aware of the stigma around the festive period but in our experience, for those clients who have bucked the trend and started their recruitment pre-Christmas, the results are impressive.

If you’re looking to recruit a new team member and need some added motivation to kick-start your campaign, here are our Top 5 reasons to recruit now:

  1. There are more available candidates – some companies stop recruiting altogether at this time of year but that doesn’t stop candidates wanting to find that new role ready for the New Year
  2. Less risk of other offers – with less jobs advertised your role has much more chance of being seen and taken notice of
  3. Quicker time to hire – people looking for a new role at this time of year are eager to get everything ready for the New Year and are happy to move quickly
  4. New Year, New Start – whether it be career progression, money, personal or location reasons; people are already thinking about what 2020 will bring and are putting plans in place to make important life changes
  5. Spending the remaining recruitment budget – if you wait until the New Year you run the risk of being lost in the fray and loosing this prime opportunity to get your candidates secured for the New Year; leaving it to January and beyond, with the end of the financial year looming and people’s notice periods to consider you can run the risk of their start dates falling into a new financial calendar and the challenges that can bring

Here at Prospect we have a range of experience and resources to help you get your recruitment campaign up and running. From writing job adverts to getting your advert out on industry websites to calling those candidates we know would like to learn of your role; we’ve got all this at our disposal and we’d love to help you celebrate the end of the year with a new recruit starting in your team.


If you would like to get in touch about your recruitment needed please call our GP team on 01423 813454 or email us at gps.info@prospect-health.com

Or visit our website at https://www.prospect-health.com/contact/

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