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Top 5 reasons why someone would leave you practice

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Top 5 reasons why people would leave your practice

There are 5 key reasons why good people may leave your practice. Knowing these will help you to understand how to get the right people in the right job to increase tenure.

Expectations of the Job

Do your people in your practice truly understand what is expected from them? Was the job role really clearly qualified in the interview? Once the person started their job was there a clear job specification available with a list of accountabilities? If the expectations of the job are not clear your new employee may think unfair things are being asked of them and therefore think about leaving. Its really important to be clear about responsibilities and where accountability lies, and communicate with clarity.
Good people want to show they are doing a good job and show they are performing against expectations already set.

Create fit in with your employees

“You can teach a bear to dance but it will always dance like a bear”

It’s important to understand what your employee wants and needs from his/her job role. If they do not fully understand their job specification and you do not understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie you will not get the most out of them in their role and they will be a flight risk.

Opportunity for development and training

Give people the opportunities they need to grow and develop in CPD time and 121 coaching. Good managers grow their business through their people; they invest in their talent to ensure they can deliver their business objectives for them. Each employee should have a PDR (personal development plan) so you can keep track of their development needs and coach them personally or ensure they get on the training courses, essential to keep them abreast of the current developments in their medical sector, as well as developing new skills that would add to your business.

Recognition of a job well done

It’s all too easy to pull people up on their shortcomings but sometimes saying thank you for a job well done is easily forgotten.  
As a rule you should give 4 pieces of praise for every critical comment you make and every piece of praise should be specific and timely and you must mean it!

Good work/life balance & pay rates

Sufficed to say you cannot always control pay and working hours and if someone is going to leave for a higher pay packet there is sometimes little you can do about it. However, you can be clear on the expectation of the jobs role and the limits you are working within right from the outset. It may be useful to be clear about the following…

• Ensure you are clear about the needs of the business and what hours/pay you can/cannot accommodate

• Consult with employees about what they want and need to achieve a good work life balance and accommodate where possible

• Seek feedback on prospective plans from other affected employees

• Check the policies don’t discriminate against any other employees in our business

• Get support from all levels of management in the company

• Write up the policy and ensure all involved understand the affect it has on them

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