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**Audiology Graduate News** - Networking - Top Tips from Saira Hussain, Teaching Fellow of HEA at Aston Uni

Saira Hussain is the HEA Teaching Fellow at Aston University and has shared her top tips on networking for Audiology graduates and newly qualified Audiologists with Prospect Health.  

Managing stress for you and others as a newly qualified Audiologist

Stress is defined as a ‘state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.’

Starting life as an Audiology student? Year 1 - what to expect by Teaching Fellow of HEA, Saira Hussain, Aston University

Saira Hussain is the Teaching Fellow at HEA at Aston University and with the new term well underway she has shared her thoughts on what new Audiology students can expect from their first year at uni...

The Scientist Training Programme – An Audiology Perspective - Saira Hussain, Teaching Fellow of HEA at Aston University shares her thoughts on becoming a Clinical Scientist in Audiology

There are a variety of career pathways that you can take in audiology, one of which is to specialise as a clinical scientist in audiology. One route in becoming one is through the Scientist Training Programme (STP). Below is a brief insight into the course.

Working as an Audiologist at Specsavers – offering the best after-care service on the high street and a bright career path for talented Audiology graduates

Prospect Health is one of a select few recruitment partners who work with Specsavers to secure candidates in exclusive roles. Due to our excellent reputation and extensive network we pride ourselves on connecting talented audiologists with the excellent roles Specsavers have to offer.

Networking Tips for the Social Optometrist

Jason Searle, our resident optom blogger shares his advice for building your professional contacts…

Are you debating starting your career as a locum audiologist?

As you approach the end of your studies, you may be considering working as a locum rather than an employed audiologist. Here at Prospect Health we work with a variety of people who for various reasons choose to work in the field of audiology either as a locum or an employee.

Advice for the Audiology undergraduate… from Saira Hussain, Audiology Teaching Fellow at Aston University

It’s easy enough to say that we are ‘all things ears’ but what does that actually entail? Audiology covers a range of diagnostic and rehabilitative work with both hearing and balance, across all ages. This means that a clinician in audiology could be working with adults, children, new born babies, the elderly and everyone in between.

Career Options in Audiology… from Saira Hussain, Audiology Teaching Fellow at Aston University

You’ve graduated with a degree in Audiology, what now?

Newly qualified Audiologist Looking for a New Job? Chain or Independent?

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make when choosing your next career step upon qualification is “where do I want to work?”