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First impressions count

When applying for a job as a Care Home manager or Nurse it’s a really good idea to check out your new place of employment first.

Care Home Manager Recruitment - The Difference a Registered Manager can make: A Case Study

Top Most Asked Interview Questions and The Best Answers To Give!

The 3 main reasons you interview for a job is to find out the following…

How Does Your Team Really See You In The Workplace? Gaining a Holistic View...

Understanding how others perceive us in the workplace can be a powerful tool in the management toolkit. 360-degree management development is one way to achieve these valuable insights and has significant benefits for the organisation.

How Care Homes Can Improve the State of Care

How Care Homes Can Support the Right Attitudes, Values and Cultures to Improve the State of Care?

People Leave Managers

You are probably familiar with the saying that ‘people leave Managers, not companies’; this couldn’t be truer in relation to the Care Sector and the implications are wide reaching.

Why Nurses Should Work in the Private Sector

Here are the top 5 considerations as to why a Nurse should work in the private sector rather than the NHS: