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**GP Job News** Prospect Health's GP Salary and Workplace Survey 2019 - What do GPs value most at work?

GPs value their colleagues over their working environment and workload – why are GP Practice colleagues so valuable?

**GP JOB NEWS** Commissioning GP roles - skills you need and how to get involved

What is commissioning and how can I help in my GP job?

Managing stress for you and others as a newly qualified GP

Stress is defined as a ‘state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.’

Managing your workload as a newly qualified GP – avoid burnout and maintain a work/life balance

It’s no secret that General Practice is under immense pressure and there aren’t yet enough GPs available to meet the demands of a growing, ageing population.

Top 10 Tips for your first appraisal after qualifying

The aim of your first appraisal as a newly qualified GP is to be a formative and developmental experience. You do need to prepare for it and there are things you can do to make sure it runs smoothly and you benefit from the experience.

5 Top Tips for completing your ePortfolio

The aim of the e-Portfolio is to provide evidence of a GP Registrar’s learning and development so that it can be assessed by the ARCP Panel, is available for clinical governance and so that the GP can reflect and learn from their experiences.

**GP Registrar Exclusive**                          MRCGP Examinations - Key dates for 2019 and confidence boosting tips from Prospect Health's friendly GP Team

GP Registrars working to become newly qualified GPs in 2019 and 2020 will be working towards or perhaps already sitting their MRCGP examinations. 

Top 5 Tips - Using your CPD to help you excel in your interview as a newly qualified GP

Interviews are nerve wracking and as a newly qualified GP chances are your next interview will be for a role you really, really want so the pressure is on to show off your skills, knowledge and experience.

Top 5 reasons why someone would leave you practice

Top 5 reasons why people would leave your practice

There are 5 key reasons why good people may leave your practice. Knowing these will help you to understand how to get the right people in the right job to increase tenure.

Expectations of the Job

A Case Study showing how Prospect Health can help you fill your GP job or find a new GP job for yourself successfully

After merging with another practice, Steve Ellis was struggling to find a Salaried GP to fill their GP Job at Severn Fields practice. Learn how David at Prospect Health helped him to fill the role with their perfect candidate Dr Praveen.