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Top 5 Reasons to move to Australia

Liam Fordham, Prospect Health’s Director for international opportunities has given his Top 5 reasons for doctors to move to Australia…

5 Top Video Interview Tips. The secrets behind acing that video interview

Video interviews are getting more popular and will become increasingly so as people and employers use modern technology to make best use of their time.  When looking to relocate or when you may be looking for a Doctor Job in the UAE or beyond, a video interview is sometimes one of the only ways to effectively communicate with a potential employer, meaning to bag that great job you have to ace that video interview the first time round.

Telephone interview mistakes to avoid

If you’re looking at doctor jobs in Australia, or even if you’re searching for a new role much closer to home, you may well find that an increasing number of employers will conduct a telephone or Skype interview as the first (or a very early) stage of their assessment process.

Living in the UAE: truth and rumours

If you’ve thought about doctor jobs in the UAE or even another country outside the UK, then you’re not alone. But relocation to the United Arab Emirates is obviously a huge consideration, and many people looking at doctor jobs in the UAE are presented with rumours and other mixed messages.

Why take a doctor job in Singapore?

With the increasing pressures on the NHS, it’s perhaps not surprising that more and more UK-based healthcare staff are open to taking doctor jobs in Singapore amongst other countries. But would it appeal to you?

5 signs it’s time to leave your job

We’ve all had those days where we wish we had longer in bed, or can’t wait for home time, but how can you tell if this is a reason for changing jobs?

GP jobs in Australia: why are UK GPs applying for them?

If it seems as though more and more of the UK’s doctors are leaving the NHS for GP jobs in Australia, well, that’s because it’s true. According to Pulse Magazine, the number of GPs applying for certificates so they can work abroad has almost doubled since 2008. In fact, certain regions of NHS England ran an advert aiming to persuade British GPs in Australia to return home.

Relocating to Saudi

Saudi Arabia is the centerpiece of the Middle East and is the home of Mecca, the Islamic holy site. Thanks to vast oil resources, Saudi Arabia has emerged from being an undeveloped desert kingdom to become one of the wealthiest nations in the region. Named after the ruling Al Saud family, which came to power in the 18th century, the country includes the Hijaz region- the birthplace of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad. Although life here can be very different to what you’re used to back home, it’s safe to say that it can be a rewarding, fulfilling and prosperous place to live. Crime rates are low, the weather is hot and the economy is booming!

Relocating to Singapore

Life in Singapore is considered to be life at its best for many and is something that they only dream of. That’s not very surprising when Singapore is in the top 10 wealthiest cities in the world. It has a population of 5.3 million (March 2015) It largely consists of Chinese, Indian and Malay backgrounds. The main religions in Singapore are Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. With the country enforcing what some people may say “strong laws” it allows the city to be safe, clean and well ordered.

Top Most Asked Interview Questions and The Best Answers To Give!

The 3 main reasons you interview for a job is to find out the following…