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How nurse practitioners can transform your working day – a case study

As anyone who’s ever had to recruit for nurse practitioner jobs knows, it can be incredibly challenging to find the right one, who will be a great fit for your practice. This was the situation facing Lisa Boardman, the Business Manager at Craven Road Practice, when her previous nurse practitioner decided to take up an academic career.

Care Home Manager Recruitment - The Difference a Registered Manager can make: A Case Study

Election Countdown 2015

What are the political parties focusing on and how will this affect the pressure on our UK nursing population and jobs?

How Care Homes Can Improve the State of Care

How Care Homes Can Support the Right Attitudes, Values and Cultures to Improve the State of Care?

Long-Term Shift Work Ages Brain

In a 24 hour sector, this is thought provoking research for both employers and employees alike:

People Leave Managers

You are probably familiar with the saying that ‘people leave Managers, not companies’; this couldn’t be truer in relation to the Care Sector and the implications are wide reaching.

Understanding Dementia

Within the next 10 years, one in three of those over 65 years of age, are expected to be living with Dementia. I live in North Yorkshire, which has an older than average population; making these figures quite staggering.

Why Nurses Should Work in the Private Sector

Here are the top 5 considerations as to why a Nurse should work in the private sector rather than the NHS: