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Sonam - OIT VB (Aug)

This is Sonam’s final Vlog for her Pre Reg Year – Thank you Sonam!

In this Vlog Sonam is deep into preparing for her OSCE’s this September.

Libby - OIT VB (Aug)

In Libby’s final superbly presented Vlog of her series she provides a fantastic tour of the highs and lows of the Osce exams. From the stressful night before the big day to her celebrations on receiving her pass result Libby offers great insight into the final culmination of all her years of hard work with some truly excellent commentary regarding exam preparation and her plans for her future career.

Asha - OIT VB (July)

In Asha’s last Vlog of the series she receives an exciting Willy Wonka style golden ticket! This invite is not however to a fun filled day out at the chocolate factory but rather to the much feared final Osce examinations…

Tulsi - OIT VB (July)

Tulsi talks about preparing for stage 2’s, dos and the don’ts.

Rebecca - OIT VB (June)

In Rebecca’s final Vlog she talks about; finishing her exams, lectures and dissertation.

Alex - OIT VB (June)

Welcome to sadly, the last Vlog instalment form Alex. Having reached the finish line after 3 intense years of study, Alex is clearly shell-shocked to finally have all her assessments now behind her and is looking forward a well-earned summer break.

Rakhee - OIT VB (May)

In Rakhee’ s latest Vlog she concentrates her focus on progressing through her stage one assessments and does so with her usual fantastic upbeat and informative communication style. Contained within this excellent Vlog are some superb insights into how best to prepare to meet the assessors and pass all competencies without issue so get watching!

Kirsty & Holly - OIT VB (May)

We are sad to announce this is the last instalment from Kirsty and Holly… they have been brilliant from start to finish!

Libby - OIT VB (May)

This is Libby’s second instalment of her Vlog series and it’s a five minute wonder of an entry! Visually highly entertaining with some superb informative tips advice ranging from Mock Osce courses and technological gadgets to assist communication to patients there are some truly great insights here that are well worth a thorough viewing.

Gemma - OITVB (April)

In this very informative and useful Vlog Gemma talks about Final Year Projects!

Included is the importance of picking the right supervisor, why you should think carefully about the decision to do a project or dissertation, why you should get one person inside and outside of optometry to read through your work and Mock OSCE’s!