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Tulsi - OITVB (March)

Tulsi is now 9 months into her Pre-Registration year and has her stage 2 examinations coming up! She has recently finished her hospital placement which she feels has given her invaluable experience.

Rebecca - OITVB (March)

Since Rebecca’s last Vlog she’s had a hectic few months revising for exams, preparing for her dissertation, completing essays and fitting in numerous visits.

Asha - OIT VB (March)

In Asha’s latest Vlog we are provided not only with a great visual representation of the stormy assessment weather ahead but also some superb insights how to best manage this critical stage for all Pre Reg Optoms who are quickly approaching their Stage 2 assessments.

Sonam - OIT VB (March)

In this month’s instalment Sonam talks about being 7 months in to her Pre-Registration year with her visit 4 coming up!

Alex - OITVB (Feb)

In Alex’s second superb instalment she provides her essential ‘Top 10 Tips for Surviving 3rd Year’ and it really is key viewing for anyone currently engaging or working towards their final year on the Optometry course so get watching now to ensure your success during this critical time of your studies…

Kirsty & Holly - OITVB (Feb)

This week we’re delighted to welcome back the wonderful Kirsty and Holly, (or should we say Scooby and Daffney), our two Vloggers from Bradford University. In this week’s Vlog, we talk Scooby Doo, a working Christmas, tough Contact Lens exams, low vision, revision techniques and dissertations amongst other things.

Rakhee - OITVB (Jan)

In her latest Vlog Rakhee gives us a great insight into her recent experiences a Pre Reg Optometrist ranging from technical insights into assessment preparation to the more simple things in life like ensuring sufficient time for rest and relaxation. Throughout her Vlog Rakhee offers some superb well-presented personal insights into how to best ensure success in what is a truly challenging year!

Libby - OIT VB (Dec)

Libby Ainsworth kicks of her first entry as Pre Reg Vlogger for Cardiff University with great style with this visually excellent Vlog entry.

Sohini - OIT VB (Dec)

Welcome to the first instalment for Final Year from Cardiff University Vlogger Sohini Badiani! In this superb Vlog Sohini gives us a great insight into her personally and her experiences having been literally ‘thrown in the deep end’ with a variety of practical and theoretical work during the first semester.

Gemma - OIT VB (Dec)

Todays’ instalment of the Vlog Project comes from Gemma, our Glasgow Caledonian university 4th year representative.