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How thinking about Pharmacy recruitment differently can have a positive effect on your business

One of our clients was opening a new Pharmacy following a successful contract application. They were based in a notoriously difficult location for Pharmacy recruitment but they knew what type of person they needed to start this new venture. They wanted to recruit a high performing manager that would take the lead in developing their new Pharmacy from scratch. They needed to be able to develop services, train, recruit and manage a team whilst maximising script volumes as quickly as possible.

Top Most Asked Interview Questions and The Best Answers To Give!

The 3 main reasons you interview for a job is to find out the following…

How Does Your Team Really See You In The Workplace? Gaining a Holistic View...

Understanding how others perceive us in the workplace can be a powerful tool in the management toolkit. 360-degree management development is one way to achieve these valuable insights and has significant benefits for the organisation.